Property transfers for Dec. 14-19, 2020

Published 4:59 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Dec. 14-19, 2020.

• Catherine Murphy and P. Michael Blacketer to P. Michael Blacketer and Catherine Murphy, 660 Grimes Mill Road, love and affection.

• William H. Biggerstaff and Bonnie F. Biggerstaff to Jarran Wade Thomas, 220 Hampton Ave., love and affection.

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• Winchester Retirement Place Inc. to Norma J. Pavlovic, 502 Rose Mary Way, $198,000.

• David Brokaw and Dianne Brokaw to Nathan Hoskins, 4864 Ecton Road, $56,000.

• Collin Moore and Kasey Moore to Brittney Black, 304 Sandra Drive, $161,000.

• Debra C. Burton and Arthur B. Conkwright to Linda C. Crowder, 2341 Gay Evans Road, will.

• Debra C. Burton, Deborah C. Burton and Arthur B. Conkwright to Debra C. Burton, Mary Lancaster, Michael N. Conkwright, Linda C. Crowder and Joseph B. Conkwright, 2385 Gay Evans Road, $50,000.

• Jeff Fields, Judith Fields and Sandie Rickert to Sandie Rickert, 414 Skylark Drive, love and affection.

• Paul M. Wood and Kenneth W. Goode to Stephen L. Birch and Brenda I. Birch, 402 S. Maple St., $332,000.

• Edge Lake Farm LLC to Russell A. Hopper and Kristina W. Hopper, 1045 Water Works Road, $117,720.

• Winfirst Bank, Winchester Federal Bank and Winchester Federal Savings Bank to Winfirst Financial Corporation, 1705 Bypass Road, sole shareholder.

• Winfirst Financial Corporation to Bullion LLC, 1705 Bypass Road, sole member.

• Victory Haven LLC to Kevin W. Clark And Robyn D. Clark, 5100 Athens Boonesboro Road, $105,000.

• Christa Dunn to Charles R. Dunn and Pamela Powell Dunn, 118 Essex Court, love and affection.

• Kyle Bidwell and Ashtyn Bidwell to Ashley Nicole Woodcock and Paul S. Woodcock, 101 Sheffield Way, $229,900.

• Randy Rison and Nova L. Rison to Osborne Jeremiah K. Baker and Tosha N. Baker, 2842 Old Ruckerville Road, $189,900.

• Pamela H. Hisoire to Wayland Jarrett and Danielle Jarrett, 18 Chicadee Lane, $130,000.

• James R. Tolle and Jody K. Tolle to Brandi S. Cox and Patrick W. Cox, 252 Boone Ave., $278,000.

• Michael S. McBride, Virginia Elizabeth McBride and Virginia Elizabeth Williamson to Mary Kendall Warner and William Scott McCarty, 609 Gilbert Court, $435,000.

• Mildred C. Throckmorton to Brooks I. Harrison, 617 Reims Blvd., $189,000.

• Amber C. Skillern and Amber P. Anderson to Marshall Kevin Skillern and Amber C. Skillern, 423 Fairholme Way, quit claim.

• Linda Hatton, Palmer G. Hatton, Wayne Pittman and Sandra Pittman to Michelle Renee Pitman and Darrell Pittman, 625 N. Main St., $30,000.

• Edge Lake Farm LLC to Robert H. Rosencrans, 925 Water Works Road, $104,760.

• Lisa Marie Williams to Judy Stokley Broughton, 325 Essex Court, $115,000.

• Janice S. Claypoole to Kentucky Real Estate Buyers LLC, 54 Burton Ave., $95,000.

• Kentucky Real Estate Buyers LLC to A&A Bassett Properties LLC, 54 Burton Ave., $104,000.

• Stephen E. Campbell and Laura M. Campbell to Ryan T. Mays and Dayna Mays, 502 Hewlett Court, $240,000.

• Michelle Lea Foster and Steven W. Foster to PVH Real Estate LLC, 6 Pocahontas Trail, $89,000.

• Edge Lake Farm LLC to Chad E. Bentley and Sarah Bentley, 1005 Water Works Road, $84,525.

• Thelma C. Thomas to Brian Thomas and Adrian Thomas, 2769 Iron Works Road, love and affection.

• James K. Combs to Teodora Ruiz Mateo and Hector Carrera, 203 Holly Ave., $35,000.

• Stone Horse Properties LLC to DTMC Holdings LLC, 137 Boone Ave., $154,000.