Sarr appreciates getting American education

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Olivier Sarr’s season at Kentucky may not have gone the way he envisioned it when he transferred from Kentucky but he still appreciates the opportunity he’s had to receive an American education after growing up in France.

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“I think for me it’s all about how I was raised. My dad comes from Africa. He comes from Senegal. Basically I’m trying to do what he did. He left for a better life,” Sarr said. “I’m not saying that I had bad conditions back home, but he left for a better life and went to France and studied, earned his degree and he is now living a comfortable life.

“He built his own legacy, and I think that’s the path I want to choose. Being able to be in this position today, it’s a blessing for me. It’s a way of remembering what my dad taught me and he’s still teaching me to this day. It’s just an honor to be able to do that.”

Sarr, a communications major, knows those in France will be impressed with his degree.

“Earning a degree, especially in college in the U.S., is something that not a lot of people are doing back home,” Sarr said. “I know it will be recognized over there, so it’s an honor.”