Spring Cleaning Your Small Business In The Pandemic Year

Published 8:50 am Monday, April 19, 2021

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Spring isn’t just the time to declutter your living space but also spruce up your business. You will want to eliminate everything redundant and make space for new tools and applications that take your organization a notch higher. It becomes even more crucial this year because your needs and wants will differ as you operate remotely. But the effort is worthwhile as your employees will have fewer distractions to deal with and better things to make them more productive. Here are some measures you can embrace for spring cleaning your small business amid the pandemic.

Tidy up your physical space

As vaccine rollouts are in full swing, you may get some team members back to work in the foreseeable future. It makes sense to tidy up your physical space as a part of your spring cleaning mission. Consider hiring a professional for a thorough deep clean and sanitization drive for the office. But it isn’t something you should reserve only for spring, but you will need to get the service regularly. 

Revamp your website 

You cannot overlook a cleanup spree for your website because the pandemic has made it vital for small businesses to invest in their online presence. You cannot keep dragging the same design and content year after year, so get a makeover for your website this spring. Look for better aesthetics according to the latest design trends and add functionalities your customers expect and desire.

Encourage employees to declutter devices 

Whether your employees work remotely or in the office, the last thing you will want them to do is to lose out on productivity. Unfortunately, cluttered devices can make them slow and unproductive. Encourage them to spring clean their work computers by cleaning up unused files, iphoto duplicates, and outdated apps. Clean and organized devices set them up for greater productivity and efficiency. 

Deep clean your books

When it comes to sprucing up your small business this season, you cannot forget deep cleaning your accounting books. The last year was a tumultuous one, and there are good chances of your accounts going haywire amid missed tax deadlines, loans and debts, and relief packages. Getting them in shape will help you seal the gaps and plan for a better financial future ahead. Review files and accounts, check the receipts, and automate what you can. Seek professional help if you cannot handle the tasks on your own.

Refresh your business plan

The business landscape is operating differently in the new normal, and you cannot expect to work with the current plan. Customer expectations aren’t the same, so you will need to refresh your business plan as a part of the spring cleaning initiative. Create one that focuses on survival, recovery, and resilience. Once you have these fronts covered, you need not worry much about growth because it will happen organically. 

Now that you have this list of measures, you will find that spring cleaning your small business is easier than you imagine. So go ahead and get started, and you will have a tidy organization right away.