New senior living community impressive

Published 6:55 am Saturday, April 24, 2021

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As people grow older, they often have labels attached to them. They become known as seniors or those who have reached their golden years.

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I have now reached that label in life. Many of us with these labels often wonder what is so golden about the golden years of life. That is, those of us that are still able to joke about our age.

Every day seems to be a different pain from somewhere in your body, and then some days it seems every part of your body aches.

It is at the senior or golden years that you see life in a whole new perspective. You realize that you are losing friends your age so quickly, and life is shorter than it ever seemed before.

On Monday night, I was able to go to the open house at the new Boonesboro Trail Senior Living. My friend M.K. went with me, and we walked away impressed with the facility and its staff.

I felt like, with the growing number of seniors, Winchester definitely needed another place such as this. This is unique in that it is divided into the level of care that one needs.

For example, level one is for individuals who need only minimal assistance from the team members to be able to get through their day.

There are levels two, three, and four. Each resident’s level of care Is determined by an assessment and communication with the physician and family.

With each level, however, the rate does increase.

The personal care area has 56 rooms, we were told. There is also an area for memory care.

We were especially impressed with the memory care level where those with dementia or Alzheimer’s would be. They had a unique way of being able to let people know which room was their room and how they could also use that way in knowing how to talk to that person about an interest they had during their life. They learn every aspect of the person’s life and use a memory box by the door of their room. I have never seen that used before.

The types of rooms are studio, studio deluxe, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom luxury apartments. The decor is inviting and welcoming.

Some of the extra amenities that I have not noted elsewhere are where you can get a pedicure or manicure at the beauty shop/ barbershop. There is a barbecue area where the families could gather and barbecue on the grill. There is also a putting green and a bistro.

Boonesboro Trail puts lots of emphasis on being a family to their residents. This was mentioned often as we took the tour.

Winchester is now blessed to have two senior assisted living places. You now have a choice!

P.S. I would like to mention that our precious grandson, Simon Cecil, has now reached the age of 14 by the grace of God!