Listen as the earth sings

Published 3:12 pm Friday, May 7, 2021


Religion Columnist

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When the Apostle Paul penned the Scriptures of Roman 8:22, “For we know all creation groans and suffers together until now,” he knew exactly what he was referring to as well as to the origin and reasons for all this pain and unrest.

Paul goes on to proclaim that not only does creation cry out for deliverance and relief, but we also are groaning in harmony with it, eagerly awaiting redemption of our bodies.

Paul opens the doors as to what precipitated all this misery and confusion that has been plaguing this planet for thousands of years. He writes in verses 17 and 18 of this chapter that creation was subjected to vanity, frustration, and disorder, but the earth did not actively participate in bringing pain and suffering upon itself, but rather it was God himself who rightfully leveled these consequences upon earth because of the sin of Adam.

Adam and Eve were tested to see if God or Satan was being truthful, sadly they agreed with Satan and God had no choice but to pronounce judgment upon the earth for this is what Adam deserved for his disobedience.

When Adam sinned, his transgression affected not only mankind, but all creation, both animate and inanimate. The Scripture states in 1Timothy 2:14 that Adam was not deceived, but the woman deceived was in the transgression. But Adam acted willfully and was in deliberate rebellion against the firsthand knowledge given to him by God. God then cursed the ground.

The results of the sin of Adam and Eve began to manifest itself immediately. They both died spiritually and began to run away from God. Physical death came to Adam 930 years later. That is what spiritually dead people do, they run from God just like they do today. Paul writes in Romans 3:4 that there is none that understands and none who, of their own volition, seeks after God.

The first Adam separated man from God, but the second Adam, Christ Jesus, reconciled us back to him and the earth back to its original creation.

 Our awesome God has sprinkled this planet with a diversity of people with many gifts and talents, and from these great minds and abilities have come recordings of nature’s groans and sighs. There is a consensus among them that nature sings in a minor key or chord. The significance of that is the minor keys often emit a melancholy or sad note of music. I play the guitar, and I’ve always thought the D minor chord has a very sad refrain.

My wife and I sat on the beach while on vacation, and we were listening as each wave rippled ashore, a sad melancholy sound could be detected. It was almost as if the waves were sobbing. The same melody can be heard as high winds cut through the trees with a wailing sad cry. Joel 1:18 says how the beast groan and the herds of the cattle are perplexed or confused. Listen to the music of nature and hear its groans.

The violence in the world, as well as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and other weather catastrophes all attest to the accuracy of scripture that our earth is wailing and sick of the pollution and corruption that covers it like a blanket.

The Bible in many other Scriptures often compares these earth groans to a woman in labor. Just as the labor increases with frequency and intensity for her as delivery approaches, our earth cries seemingly have reached a crescendo of intolerance. However, the sighs, moans, and groans will one day soon be abated waiting for deliverance.

Psalms 98 turns the page on the earth’s troubles, and the groans become rejoicing. The Lord Jesus descends from heaven in all his majesty and glory, and his feet shall touch the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem just as Zechariah 14:4 prophesied. The nation of Israel is the first to sing this new song because the Messiah has finally returned and no more moans and groans.

As the curse is lifted all musical instruments are called to play in one gigantic orchestra with praise for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. All the oceans and seas roar with gladness while everything in them is filled with praise. Even the rivers clap their hands as the hills join in with them in unbridled praise.

Finally, there is real peace and perfect justice, for the Lord will reign and rule from Jerusalem for a thousand years, and those that belong to him will reign with him in new bodies. And all the ends of the earth will join in that hallelujah chorus. Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus!