I’m your new reporter for The Sun!

A twenty-minute commute isn’t bad unless the air conditioner is broken. So I apologize if you hear a true-crime podcast or an audiobook from “The Witcher” series blaring from the rolled-down windows of my car.

My name is Dillan Combs, and I’m your newest reporter for the Winchester Sun. I’ve come here from London (Kentucky – for better or for worse), having previously written for the Sentinel-Echo. I’m a 2018 journalism graduate from Eastern Kentucky University. You might be able to find some of my stories in their college newspaper, The Eastern Progress.

My goals as of the writing of this bio include: someday unpacking all the boxes in my new apartment; teaching my cat, Elliot, the difference between the litter box and the carpet; getting a new AC for my car.

I have experience writing about meetings from city councils and school boards, but my favorite stories are of the feature variety. In the past, I’ve interviewed a World War II veteran for his 100th birthday, met an off-the-grid Kentucky family that appeared on Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue, and fled from wasps while investigating the adelgid infestation plaguing Daniel Boone National Forest.

Outside of journalism, I study programming. Currently, I’m learning the Python programming language – named after Monty, not the reptile. I’ve reached the point where I can put together small projects, and it’s actually pretty fun. Another of my favorite hobbies is sleeping until noon.

I’ve really enjoyed downtown Winchester thus far, and it’s great to see buildings that haven’t been left barren. I’m still new to the community, but I appreciate how welcoming it’s been thus far. All in all, I’m excited to be in a new location, and I can’t wait to see more of it.