School district to increase salaries of low-end faculty and staff

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 28, 2021

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Certain faculty groups within the Clark County school district will receive pay raises for the upcoming school year. Monday night’s school board meeting saw a discussion of the district’s 2021-2022 salary schedule – a document outlining the pay of staff based on their group and years of work. Employees in groups 1 and 2 – with the exception of instructional assistants – will be moved to group 3, which begins pay at $11.32 an hour at year one and raises to $12.93 by year 13.

Instructional assistants will be moved to group 4, with a starting salary of $11.32 that raises to $13.78 by year 13.

Group 1 positions include:
• Bus monitor

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• Substitute bus monitor

• Instructional assistant I

• Instructional assistant II – special needs

• Substitute instructional assistant

• Library media clerk

• Lunchroom monitor

• Receptionists

• Substitute receptionists

• Substitute secretary

Group 2 faculty comprises of cooks, bakers, substitute cooks, and substitute bakers.

Both group 1 and group 2 had a starting salary of $11.32, however, these groups only reached pays of $12.10 and $12.31 respectively by their 13th year.

Increasing the payroll for instructional assistants was suggested by the director of human resources Scarlett Ryan, who pointed out the time and monetary commitments necessary for this position.

“They [instructional assistants] require 48 college hours and a para-educator exam. That’s different from just a high school diploma,” Ryan said.

Aleisha Ellis, the district’s director of finance, estimated these pay raises to increase the school budget by approximately $100,000. The Clark County school board approved these changes by a vote of 5-0.