Public Record

Published 6:55 am Saturday, June 5, 2021

Property Transfers
The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office May 15-22, 2021.
• Linda T. Olberding and Dorothy R. Thompson Hager estate to Mark D. Simpson and Kristen S. Simpson, 2965 Pilot View Road, $40,000.
• John Wilson Properties Inc. to Delynda Shayne Hill, 313 Devonshire Dr., $152,500.
• Dwight Anthony Tipton and Kathleen Tipton to Allan Wayne Curtis and Tricia Renee Curtis, 3695 Mt. Sterling Road, $156,500.
• Latricia S. Spivey to Victoria Anna Epperson and Tyler Grant Jenkins, 3620 Stamper Dr., $152,500.
• Focus Investing LLC to Clark County Properties LLC, 404 N. Main St., $125,000.
• Clark County Properties LLC to Nelson House Properties LLC, 404 N. Main St., $175,000.
• Jerry W. Wilson and Joy M. Wilson to Michael N. Caudill, 127 Teal Lane, $399,000.
• Lisa A. Terrell and Freddie Terrell to Steven J. Shearer and Emily D. Shearer, 1124 Van Meter Road, $945,000.
• Matthew Dain Coulter to Carson Williams and Torrie Ann Williams, 34 N. Burns Ave., $167,900.
• Jeff Wolfe and Penny Wolfe to Harriet Wininger and Carrol Wininger, 221 Ashton Oak Way, $45,000.
• Asa R. Sphar III, Donna Cates Sphar, Fifth Third Bank, trustee and Lloyd Anne Sphar Trust to Joseph K. Robinson and Ann P. Robinson, 2305 Cole Road, $26,000.
• Michael G. McGlothen and Joey Winburn to Joseph Walter Winburn and Brittany Stivers Winburn, 565 Sir Walter Lane, love & affection.
• Michael G. McGlothen, Joey Winburn, Joseph Walter Winburn and Brittany Stivers Winburn to Michael G. McGlothen, Joey Winburn and • Joseph Walter Winburn, 575 Sir Walter Lane, love & affection.
• TOWD Point Mortgage Trust 2018 6, US Bank National Association Indenture Trustee, Linda Frisby, unknown spouse, Robyn Justice, Shawn Justice, Terell Frisby, Melody Frisby, Claude Frisby, Jessica Frisby, Jessica Frisby, Unknown Spouses, Unknown Heirs, Unknown Occupants, Central Kentucky Management Services Inc., University of Kentucky Medical Center, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Clark and Unknown Creditors to TOWD Point Mortgage Trust 2018 6 and US Bank National Association Indenture Trustee, 206 Forest Ave., master commissioner.
• Pace Crowe Rentals LLC to Eleet Property Group LLC, 120 Strode Station Circle, 700 Country Club Court, 21 Franklin Ave. and 129 Kentucky St., $513,400.
• Diversified Property Group LLC to Brent McCarty, Melody McCarty and Melody Harper McCarty, 5580 Ecton Road, $273,500.
• Stephen Cole Glasscock to Betty J. Glasscock, 332 Oxford Dr., love & affection.
• Blue52 Properties LLC to Killarney Properties LLC, 200 Hubbard Road, $1,400,000.
• Randall E. Brewer and Teresa M. Brewer to Linda Chandler, 407 Tremont Lane, $242,500.
• Mayday Hanna LLC to BTM Enterprises LLC, 369 and 371 Colby Ridge Blvd., 200, 202, 206 and 210 Dubuy Dr., $46,000.
• Colleen Fettig to Elizabeth June Davis and Larry Joe Davis, 124 Milwood Dr., $174,000.
• Phillips Incorporated to Trace D. Sheppard and Cheyenne P. Sheppard, 101 Baldwin Ave., $137,500.
• Patricia Ann Crawley and James W. Crawley to Patrick Harrington and Heidi Harrington, 475 Fox Quisenberry Road, $350,000.
• Shelia Parkhill, Shelia Munro and Tim Parkhill to Elizabeth Stratton, 608 1/2 College St., $135,000.
• KGR Investments LLC to SJ Residential LLC, 4243 Colby Road, $200,000.
Marriage Licenses
The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office May 15-22, 2021.
• Emily Rose Holbrook to Dalyn Wayne Catron, May 18.
• Bethany Theresa Prekopa to Trevor Blake Cox, May 18.
• Leslie Erin Monday to Martin Riley Cline, May 20.
• Sotheavy Kao to Michael Reed Mills, May 21.
• Kelsey Michelle Bass to William Jordan Bass, May 22.