Water and sanitary sewer system to see improvements

Published 4:29 pm Monday, June 7, 2021

Work orders for Winchester’s hydraulic and water treatment systems were discussed during the Winchester Municipal Utilities Commission meeting Thursday, June 3.
Remodeling of the city’s water distribution system, listed as Work Order No. 4, has been in discussion since 2016. Winchester’s hydraulics are 15 years old, with Salt River Engineering continuing to upkeep the service. The remodeling proposed by Salt River promises a more refined pumping scheme enabling Winchester Utilities to precisely predict factors such as the age of water and the amount of chlorine residue.
“We need a very accurate hydraulics model in order to predict operations with future capital additions and the associated operational charges,” said Connie Allen, owner of Salt River Engineering.
The hydraulic update is estimated to be a $38,535 project.
Work Order No. 33 concerns the implementation of an Industrial Pretreatment Program with Bell Engineering. The program is designed to reduce toxins and pollutants discharged by industrial and non-industrial water systems into the city’s sewer system and the environment.
The budget for this program is listed as $77,260 during the 2021/2022 fiscal year. Bell Engineering’s labor – which includes inspection of industrial compliance and the monitoring waste stream data with laboratories, among other duties – makes up the $59,260 bulk of the budget. Laboratory costs have a listed attribution of $18,000.
The Winchester Sun will continue to report on these projects as the Utility Commission continues working with Salt River Engineering and Bell Engineering.

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