Torrential downpour brings flash flooding to Clark County

Published 5:16 pm Monday, July 5, 2021

Numerous severe weather alerts were sent throughout the day Thursday, July 1, during a colossal downpour that rocked Clark County. Residents were warned to avoid travel as some areas of Winchester continued to flood.

The Clark County Road and Solid Waste Departments deployed three snowplows to handle roadway debris, which included garbage, tree limbs and bits of stone knocked loose from road shoulders.

“There’s 287 roads on my list, and we’ll probably have to scrape 50 or 60 of them,” said Allen Curtis, Clark County road supervisor. “We have little over 200 miles of county road, and the faster way to do that is put on snowplows and push it back off.”

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According to Curtis, this type of protocol is standard for torrential downpours. He expected crews to finish clearing the roads by the time the rain cleared up, boasting “we don’t mess around.”

The Clark County Road and Solid Waste Departments reminds drivers to avoid going through large bodies of pooling water on roads.

“You have no idea what that road looks like under that water or if the road is even there,” explained Curtis. “We’ve lost roads before and we’ve spent millions of dollars over the past two decades repairing flood-damaged roads. So don’t risk it. Find an alternate route.”