State Capitol open to visitors with some added security measures

Published 2:59 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2021

For the first time since Gov. Andy Beshear issued his COVID-19 state of emergency executive order in March 2020, visitors and tourists are allowed inside the state Capitol and Capitol Annex buildings.

There are some new security measures that have been implemented with the reopening.

The doors leading to the tunnel between the Capitol and the Annex, as well as the one between the Annex and the lower levels of the parking structure, are now equipped with identification card readers. That means a valid ID issued by the Legislative Research Commission is required to gain access at these points.

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Those without such an ID must enter the Capitol Annex through the main visitor’s entrance oat the front center of the building, to properly check-in with security.

Other new security measures on the Capitol Campus include:

–Congregating or blocking hallways or entrances to offices and open spaces is prohibited, with assembly places limited to areas designated and approved for such gatherings.

–To provide for safe entrance, exit and assembly in the Capitol, all groups should adhere to capacity limits and assure the unimpeded flow of traffic.

–Although they are no longer required to enter the buildings, a mask will be provided to guests who wish to wear one for health purposes. No other face-covering may be worn inside the Capitol or the Annex, except those worn for religious purposes.

–Facilities Management reserves the right to limit public events to designated areas of the Capitol grounds based upon the advice of Capitol security or if the event negatively impacts building and maintenance needs.

–Livestock on the State Capitol grounds is prohibited except in cases of prior application with the express written approval of Facilities Management.

To further assure the protection of public servants working on the Capitol campus, as well as those private citizens who visit the State Capitol for business or pleasure, a heightened security presence also will become evident on the Capitol grounds.

Capitol Campus Security has the discretion to remove any visitor found out of compliance with rules specifically addressed in posted signage, state regulations or statutes.