Clark County School District moving certain classified employees to certified pay schedule

The Clark County Board of Education met for a special meeting Tuesday evening to approve the salary tables for classified district employees.

This approval affects 10 positions and 11 individuals on S4 of Clark County Public Schools Classified Salary Schedule, viewable online under July 6 Meeting Files at

This change will move these positions from S4 in classified to the district’s certified salary schedule, which is broken down into years completed, rank, and if an employee has a doctorate degree.

According to the board, the intention of this change is to benefit those with college educations, ensuring they are paid fairly after accruing their educational debt.

Employees who fall under S4 of classified are given a salary of $30,956. As certified employees, their first year with Clark County Public Schools, Rank III employees will have a salary of $37,997; Rank II receiving $42,401; Rank I making $46,776; and those with doctorates earning $51,234.

These salaries are set to increase for each year of work, capping out after 27 years. After working in Clark County for that long, Rank III employees are given $54,328, Rank II getting $59,799, Rank I making $64,69, and those with doctorates earning $69,432.

The possibility of altering the district’s entire salary schedule was discussed at the meeting, in order to ensure fairer, more competitive pay. The board agreed have a participate in a work session Thursday, July 8 at 6 p.m., hoping to obtain a clearer understanding of each employment tier and the fiscal resources available to divide amongst staff.