Transfers, marriage licenses, June 16-July 3


The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office June 26-July 3, 2021.

Gerald Stutz and Patricia Stutz to Emmett E. Grissam Jr. and Jennifer M. Grissam, 888, 912 and 930 Pilot View Road, $41,000.

William Grant Rayburn to Aaron Todd Rayburn, 122 Central Ave., love & affection.

Daniel J. Abner to David Aaron Bennett and Jessica Dawn Bennett, 320 Vanover Way, $158,000.

Ronald Neal Brown to Onofrio A. Anastasio and Nancy Kay Anastasio, 132 Candlewood Drive, $335,000.

Mike Lewis and Kristle Shelton to Conner Thomas Lewis, 433 Perkins St., $129,000.

Patricia Davis Bennett to Julia L. Kelleher and Jennifer Irene Klever, 174 Hidden Grove Lane, $110,000.

Luis A. Herrera to Kate Herrera, 21 Georgia St., love & affection.

Kelly Ray Palmer, Rebecca J. Palmer and Rebecca J. Brookshire to April N. Dunn and Jordan R. Dunn, 121 Sheffield Way, $198,900.

US Bank National Association and Lasalle Bank National Association, trustee to Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates, 46 Melbourne St., $15,700.

Mark Collier, Nina D. Collier and Amanda Collier to Joshua C. Wood and Haylee Wood, 4150 Paris Road, $340,000.

Ray K. Wedgworth Jr. to Bethany Zavitz, 433 Paisley Court, $166,000.

Linda F. McCord, George Clinton McCord II, Dana Merritt, Jamie Merritt Gardner and Brian Gardner to Amelia Lynn Bayley, 527 Colby Ridge Blvd., $115,000.

Pamela B. Steele, trustee, Latanna B. McCord, trustee, and Irene T. Bush Revocable Living Trust dated August 2 to Matthew E. Holland, 1041 Ironworks Road, $131,000.

Joshua C. Wood to James C. Watkins and Dora Y. Watkins, 123 Shalamar Rue, $250,000.

Timothy A. Blakemore, Anthony C. Blakemore, Jennifer Nicole Blakemore and Luvina Blakemore to Jeffrey Gaines and Erika Renee Gaines, 150 Miller Hunt Road, $312,500.

Roy D. Haggard III, Cindy Lynn Haggard and Roy D. Haggard Jr. to Donald W. Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 425 S. Main St., $120,000.

Roy D. Haggard Jr. to Donald Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 429 S. Main St., $100,000.

Antonio Lazano Morales and Maria Elena Perez Toribio to Ratliff & Geiger LLC, 112 W. Hickman St., $50,000.

Robin Whitt and Lisa D. Whitt to Christopher Leif Aaron and Lucy Pumphrey Aaron, 841 Darby Trace, $580,000.

Linda T. Olberding and Dorothy R. Thompson Hager to Kevin R. Osborne and Kimberly A. Osborne, 2915 Pilot View Road, $35,000.

Larry Baker, executor and Beverly Baker estate to Willard Russell Pryor and Nora K. Pryor, 12569 Ironworks Road, $79,000.

Tammy Brush to Tamarity McPherson and Joseph Maninger, 507 Corley Lane, $130,000.

Mary S. McCord Elgueta, Mary S. McCord and Aquiles N. Elgueta to John Stephen Thomas, 3901 Combs Ferry Road, $625,000.

Daniel Wayne Peyton to Eddie Jay Fogleman, 127 Holly Ave., love & affection.

Alan R. Mullins to Tamara Karen Lockridge, 138 Clubhouse Drive, $14,000.

Yeiser Industrial Park LLC to Willow Hill Properties LLC, 293 Beau Drive, $105,900.

Crescent Valley Properties Inc. to Nichole Nicholson, 213 Prescott Lane, $210,000.

Rush Real Estate LLC to ADIL Properties LLC, 117 Linden Ave., 49 Clay St., 150 Cook Ave., 124-128 S. Burns Ave., 108 W. Hickman St., 223 W. Hickman St., 204-206 S. Maple St., 101 E. Lexington Ave., 39 S. Highland St., 135 Winn Ave. and 228 Jackson St., $671,000.

Lori Ann Donaldson to Craig Dudley Donaldson, 1432 Big Stoner Road, decree of dissolution.

Gary Wayne Griffieth, Sheri Watts Griffieth, Jeffrey Todd Cummings, Mary Luann Reeves Cummings, Peter Anthony Skolik and Lynn Suzanne Skolik to Ran Gar Investments LLC, 8 Virginia Ave., $90,000.

Richard M. Bishop and Sue F. Bishop to David R. McCulloch and Wendy V. McCulloch, 4655 Combs Ferry Road, $190,000.

HPW Properties LLC to Trayvion Hill, 22 1st St., $155,000.

George C. Merritt to Donald Eugene Branham, 138 Sturbridge Lane, $169,500.

V. Florene Harris, Holly Danae Fields, Anita Carol Owens, Karrie Elizabeth Welch, Leanna Frances Martin and Keri Lee Puckett to Marcus Edward McLean, Amy Marie McLean, Nicholas George Parsons, Joel William Corwin, Jonathan Andrew Peyton, Dillon Micajah Wilson and Randall Scott Davis, 601 Boone Ave., $226,600.


The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office June 26-July 3, 2021.

Anita Carol Owens to Joel William Corwin, June 28.

Karrie Elizabeth Welch to Jonathan Andrew Peyton, June 28.

Leanna Frances Martin to Dillon Micajah Wilson, July 1.

Keri Lee Puckett to Randall Scott Davis, July 2.