Sewage construction projects planned throughout 2022

Published 7:00 pm Monday, August 9, 2021

Winchester Municipal Utilities (WMU) is planning sewage construction projects throughout the next year. 

The Tucker Farms and Lincoln Street sewage systems are being updated to improve sanitation. Lincoln Street sewage renovation being a part of an urban renewal project in the area that has been ongoing since 2017. 

The Tucker Farms project will benefit 19 single-family dwellings, 12 duplexes and seven four-unit apartments. Approximately 2,200 feet of feet of six and eight-inch duct line and waterline walls will comprise a new 2,230 foot sanitary sewer line being constructed in the area. 

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Plans for the project at Tucker Farms, located off of Wellington Way and Prescott Lane, the sewage system appears to be intersecting with the area’s waterline. The sewage system will be at least 18 inches beneath the waterline, complying with sanitation standards. An encasement may also be built around the sewer system if that 18-inch separation can’t be met. 

The Lincoln Street Rehabilitation project will benefit 15 residential units. Implemented will be 790 feet of a six-inch waterline, and 700 feet of an eight-inch  sanitary sewer line.

This phase of the project will affect the west side of Lincoln Street. A second phase of the project is planned to implement a sewage construction project on the east side of the street at a later date.

Both projects were approved by the WMU Commission during their August 5 meeting. If the projects are not completed within a year of approval, they will require re-approval.  

To view the current status of these projects, visit  the WMU website at