Covid has come visiting!

This past month my home had an unwanted visitor. A visitor that sneaked into our home uninvited. The visitor I am speaking of has become pretty well known during the last two years but no one wants this visitor to enter their home under any circumstances. This visitor that I am referring to is the dreaded Covid 19 viral disease. Another visitor, no one wants and hated just as much is the cousin of Covid that bears the name of Delta variant.

About three weeks ago, my husband, Eric, was telling me he just did not feel well. He thought he was having some allergy or sinus problems as his nose was dripping and a cough began. He did go to the doctor and he told him he had a respiratory infection and sent him home with some pretty strong medication to clear up the infection. For a day or two he said he thought the medicine was working but the prednisone was really tearing his tummy up and nothing tasted good to him. I did notice his coughing had really increased and told me he had to go back to our doctor. He let me know the doctor was out of town for a few days. I had taken his temperature often thinking always if it really was Covid he would have a temperature wouldn’t he?

By Monday on his birthday he attempted to go to work, since he.had never missed a day of work since he started his job. He was sent home immediately since it was easy enough to tell he was in no shape to work. When he came in the door I knew he had to get to a doctor soon. Yet, he still showed no fever.

Eric was refusing to go back to the doctor again. I had to tell him that I would call an ambulance. Luckily, our doctor was back and when I called I told his nurse he had not eaten at all for several days because everything tasted bitter and that he was not feeling any better even with all the medication. She told me to take him first to Urgent care and get a Covid test. It was there he was told he had Covid. I tried to tell him that but for some dumb reason men are the worst to get to go to a doctor. In this instance it was nearly too late.

We were told by the doctors office to take him straight to the hospital wh ere he was immediately put into ICU where he stayed for nearly two weeks. He was a very, very sick man and things did not always go well in the hospital even with all the medication that was given him. There were some very scary times I must admit. There were times I wondered if my husband would ever be back home with me. Finally, there was a turning point and things did not look so bleak and we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Someone named Tupac has a saying that goes like this, “ For every dark night, there comes a better day.” Our better day was coming.

We are so blessed to have many wonderful friends and family who have said many prayers for us and I have said often that the greatest gift one can receive is a prayer when you need it the most. Others prayers have gotten me through many trials in my life. We felt those prayers and appreciated every card, prayer and phone calls from all who cared enough to do so.

I want to quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe this saying. “Never give up for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” 

Eric is home now where he is still recovering from his horrible bout with Covid. At one time I was told he had the Delta variant but his discharge papers said Covid 2. I am not sure if that is what the Delta variant Is called or not. We are still unsure where he got the disease but we are thankful he lived through it.

As Sarah Ban Breathnac States, “The dry seasons in life do not last. The rains will come again.” I know this is true about life, but for now, I will still take each day as it comes, with a prayer and belief in God and be happy.