Stitching our community together: youth create social justice quilt

Published 6:34 pm Thursday, August 12, 2021



The Leeds Youth Advisory Board’s Social Justice Quilt, created by 17 young people from Winchester and surrounding counties, will be unveiled this weekend at the Leeds Theater. 

Each student has created a piece of textile art inspired by a social justice issue they are passionate about.

This quilt was developed under the direction of the national organization, the Social Justice Sewing Academy, whose mission is to be a platform for the youth to create art that engages and educates communities. Visitors will see the work of textile artists and activists whose work is a collaboration between young and old, and gives voice to the issues affecting our generation.

The reception on August 14th will include keynote speaker Sara Trail, the founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy, as well as a gallery full of Social Justice Sewing Academy Quilts from all over the nation. Light refreshments will be served as well.

This project was made possible through the generosity of The Greater Clark Foundation.