2021 County Fair home economics winners

The 2021 Clark County Fair was the showcase for entries in the Home Economics Division this year, with 55 exhibitors and their combined 374 entries.

The Overall Grand Champion award went to Claudia Puckett for her Felted Nativity Scene. Overall Reserve Champion was awarded to Dana McCall for her Water Color Horse Painting.

Other Clark County winners included:


Zucchini Bread: 1st-Denise Young; Yeast Bread: 1st-Denise Young; Yeast Rolls: 1st-Sarah Condley; Other Yeast Bread: Champion and 1st-Marian Sublette; Buttermilk Biscuits: 1st-Doug Hood; Fruit Muffins: 1st -Wyatt Jackson, 2nd-Julie Ullery; Plate of Muffins:  1st-Marian Sublette; 2nd-Sharon Blackburn; 3rd-Julie Ullery;  Other Quick Bread: 1st-Denise Young, 2nd-Sharon Blackburn; Sour Dough Bread: 2nd-Maria Jackson; Pound Cake: 1st-Sarah Condley; Other Cake: Reserve Champion and 1st-Sophia Pasley; Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Sophie Pasley, 3rd-Julie Ullery; Peanut Butter Cookies: 1st-Sarah Condley; Other Cookies: 3rd-Maria Jackson; Oatmeal Cookies: 1st-Sarah Condley; Peanut Butter Fudge: 1st-Stacy Perry, 2nd-Denise Young; Chocolate Fudge: 1st-Denise Young; Cream Candy: 1st-Denise Young; Other Candy:  1st-Denise Young; Pecan Pie:  1st-Sarah Condley.


Peaches: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Julie Ullery, 3rd-Hadley Rains; Dried Apples:  Champion and 1st-Sarah Condley; Green Beans: 1st-Sarah Condley; Tomatoes: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Shirley Kretzer; Tomato Juice: 1st-Shirley Kretzer; Spaghetti Sauce: 1st-Julie Ullery; Sweet Cucumber Relish: 1st-Julie Ullery; Dill Cucumber Pickles: 1st-Shirley Kretzer; Beet Pickles: 1st-Sharon Blackburn; Salsa: 1st-Shirley Kretzer; Other Pickles: 1st-Shirley Kretzer; Other Relishes: 1st-Shirley Kretzer.

Other Preserves: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Linda Winburn; Strawberry Preserves: 1st-Julie Ullery, 2nd-Cameron Correll; Apple Butter: 1st-Sharon Blackburn, 2nd-Claudia Puckett, 3rd-Shirley Kretzer; Blackberry Jam: 1st-Claudia Puckett; Other Jam: 1st-Cameron Correll, 2nd-Claudia Puckett; Blackberry Jelly: 1st-Leslie Hammer; Honey: Reserve Champion and 1st-Ashlee Purdie, 2nd-Scott Miller.


Head of Lettuce: Champion and 1st-Sarah Condley; Blueberries: Reserve Champion and 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Marie Quick, 3rd-Marian Sublette; Plate of Any Fruit: 1st-Sarah Condley; 


Red Rose: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Orange or Yellow Rose:  1st-Nancy Wills; 2nd-Sarah Condley; Dwarf Marigold: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Giant Marigold:  1st-Sarah Condley; Sunflower:  1st-Alex Barnett; Lily: Reserve Champion and 1st-Mary Shearer, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Debbie Hamon; Gladiola:  1st-Marie Quick; Potted Plants: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Alex Barnett; Fresh Cut Flowers:  Champion and 1st-Claudia Puckett;  Fresh Cut Herbs:  1st-Claudia Puckett; Miniature Cut Arrangement:  1st-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Claudia Puckett; Other Miniature:  1st-Nancy Wills; Other Cut Flowers: 1st-Debbie Hamon, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Marie Quick; Cactus:1st-Nancy Wills; Flowering Bush:  1st-Marie Quick; Pressed Dried Flowers:  1st-Alex Barnett. 

Handiwork & Heritage Skills  

Lady’s Suit:  1st-Betty Bonar; Lady’s Jacket:  1st-Betty Bonar; Lady’s Vest:  1st-Julie Ullery; Appliqued Apparel:  3rd-Alena Carpenter; Other Construction:  1st-Betty Bonar, 3rd-Alex Barnett; Purses: 1st-Julie Ullery, 2nd-Frances Hampton, 3rd-Isabell Smith;  Other Accessories: 1st-Alex Barnett; Pieced Quilts: 1st-Eve Adams; Cross-Stitch or Embroidery Quilt:  1st-Peggy Gibson; Other Quilts:  1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Eve Adams, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Baby Quilt:  1st-Glora Patrick; Wall Hanging/Table Runner:  1st-Eve Adams, 2nd-Isabell Smith; Quilt made by 2 or more people:  1st-Sara Porter; Knitted Articles: 1st-Debbie Hamon; Crocheted Afghans:  1st-Brenda Sea, 2nd-Denise Young; Crocheted Articles:  1st-Denise Young, 2nd-Claudia Puckett; Crewel Embroidery Needlework: 1st-Betty Bonar; Hand Embroidery Needlework: 1st-Alex Barnett; Other Pillows Needlework: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Shirley Kretzer, 3rd-Pearl Allen; 14 Count and Under Cross Stitch Picture: 1st-Betty Bonar; 18 Count and Above Picture: 1st-Peggy Gibson;  Other Holiday Needlework Decorations:  1st-Claudia Puckett; Other Weaving Needlework:  1st-Alex Barnett; Other Needlework:  1st-Susan Crowe; Wet Felted Item:  1st-Julie Ullery; Needle Felted Item:  Champion and 1st-Claudia Puckett, 2nd-Alex Barnett; Basket with Wooden Handle:  2nd-Sarah Condley; Woodwork Made by Exhibitor:  1st-Pearl Allen; Refinished Woodwork:  1st-Nancy Wills; Miscellaneous Heritage Skills:  1st-Lucus Spry; Corn Shuck Doll:  1st-Sarah Condley; Soft Sculpture Doll:  1st-Pearl Allen, 2nd-Frances Hampton;  Other Dolls:  1st-Frances Hampton, 2nd-Pearl Allen; Non-Quilted Wall Hanging:  1st-Leslie Hammer, 2nd-Pearl Allen, 3rd-Magen Grout; Wreath-Not Christmas:  1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Tenia DeBord; Holiday Décor Other than Needlework:  Reserve Champion and 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Marian Sublette, 3rd-Debbie Hamon; Ceramics:  1st-Peggy Gibson, 2nd-Leslie Hammer, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Recycled Item:  1st-Laura Simpson, 2nd-Alex Barnett, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Miscellaneous Crafts:  1st-Mary Lou Boss; Silk Flower Arrangement:  1st-Tenia DeBord, 2nd-Mary Lou Shearer, 3rd-Frances Hampton; Christmas Floral Arrangement:  1st-Nancy Wills; Beaded Jewelry:  1st-Frances Hampton; Clay or Wood Jewelry:  2nd-Alex Barnett; Other Material Jewelry:  1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Alex Barnett; Metal Jewelry:  1st-Daniel Thornberry; Own Design Scrapbook 2 page layout:  1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Pearl Allen; Miniature Miscellaneous Item:  1st-Debbie Hamon, 2nd-Alex Barnett.

Visual Arts

Painting – Oil Landscape:  1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Mary Shearer; Acrylic Portrait: 2nd-Dakotah Brown, 2nd-Alex Barnett; Acrylic Flower: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Mary Shearer; Acrylic Landscape: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Laura Simpson, 3rd-Aaliyah Daniel; Acrylic Still Life:  1st-Ian Skinner; Acrylic Animals: 1st-Dana McCall, 2nd-Magen Grout, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Other Acrylic:  1st-Megan Grout, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Ella Brock; Pen or Ink Portrait:  1st-Alex Barnett; Pen or Ink Animals:  1st-Mary Farmer, 2nd-Laura Simpson; Other Pen or Ink:  1st-Frances Hampton; Pencil Portrait:  1st-Aaliyah Daniel; Pencil Flower:  1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Aaliyah Daniel; Pencil Landscape:  1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Lucas Spry; Pencil Animals:  1st-Jayce Grout, 2nd-Alex Barnett, 3rd-Aaliyah Daniel; Other Pencil:  Aaliyah Daniel; Water Color Portrait:  1st-Alex Barnett; Water Color Animals:  Champion and 1st-Dana McCall, 2nd-Laura Simpson; Other Water Color:  1st-Aaliyah Daniel; Mixed Media Portrait:  1st-Dakotah Brown; Mixed Media Landscape:  1st-Ian Skinner; Mixed Media Animals:  1st-Laura Simpson; Other Mixed Media:  1st-Randi Harvey, 2nd-Mary Shearer, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Other Media Flower:  1st-Betty Bonar; Other Media Buildings:  1st-Laura Simpson; Other Media:  1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Mary Shearer.

Photography – Color Photography, Portrait: 1st-Maria Jackson, 2nd-Emily Walker, 3rd-Dakotah Brown; Color Photography, Animals: 1st-Wyatt Jackson, 2nd- Nancy Wills;  Color Photography, Pets: 1st-Dakotah Brown, 2nd-Debbie Hamon; Color Photography, Landscape: 1st-Bill McCann, 2nd-Kimberly Brookshire, 3rd-Emily Walker; Color Photography, with 2 or more people:  1st-Mary Shearer; Color Photography, Historical Places:  1st-Kim Brookshire, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Emily Walker; Color Photography, Flowers: 1st-Debbie Hamon, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Mary Shearer; Color Photography, Children: 1st-Dakotah Brown; Color Photography, Other: 1st-Dakotah Brown, 2nd-Bill McCann, 3rd-Michelle Walker; Black and White Photography, Portrait: 1st-Dakotah Brown, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Michelle Walker; Black and White Photography, Animals: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Emily Walker, 3rd-Wyatt Jackson; Black and White Photography, Landscape:  1st-Nancy Wills; Black and White Photography, Historical Places:  1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Michelle Walker; Black and White Photography, Flowers: 1st-Nancy Wills; Black and White Photography, Children:  1st-Dakotah Brown, 2nd-Michelle Walker; Black and White Photography, Other:  Reserve Champion and 1st-Maria Jackson, 2nd-Bill McCann, 3rd-Dakotah Brown.


Glass or China Kitchen Item: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd Sarah Condley; Metal & Wood Kitchen Item: 1st-Mary Lou Shearer, 2nd-Dana McCall, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Metal Kitchen Item: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Claudia Puckett; Wood Kitchen Item: 1st- Claudia Puckett, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Jerrie Hamm; China Dish: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Betty Bonar; 3rd-Claudia Puckett; Glass Dish: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Marian Sublette; Miscellaneous Small Item: 1st-Claudia Puckett, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Chairs, Small: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Claudia Puckett; Small Chest: 1st-Claudia Puckett, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Clothing, Small Items: 1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Claudia Puckett, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Clothing, Large Items: 1st-Claudia Puckett, 2nd-Jerrie Hamm, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Accessories: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Jerrie Hamm; Jewelry: 1st-Sarah Condley;  Quilts or Coverlets: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Claudia Puckett, 3rd-Jerrie Hamm; Pillowcases: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Claudia Puckett; Children’s Books: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Bonnie Noplis, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Other Books: 1st-Sarah Condley; Music Books:  1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Dolls: 1st- Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Dresser Scarves:  1st-Nancy Wills; 2nd-Jerrie Hamm, 3rd-Claudia Puckett; Crocks: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Pictures:  1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Toys: 1st-Ray Price, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Cast Iron: Champion and 1st-Dana McCall, 2nd-Claudia Puckett, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Vases: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Tools: 1st-Nancy Wills; Clocks:  1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Documents: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Photographs: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Betty Bonar; Postcards, Letters, Folders: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Debbie Hamon; Needlework (rugs, crochet, etc.): 1st-Jean Rose, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Claudia Puckett; Needlework:  1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Jerrie Hamm; Baskets: 1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Pottery:  1st-Sarah Condley; Magazines: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Miscellaneous Household: Reserve Champion and 1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Betty Bonar; Other Miscellaneous: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley.

Coloring Book Contest 

Adults (18 year olds and older): 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Mary Farmer, 3rd-Marian Sublette; 7-12 year olds: 1st-Maysie Rogers, 2nd-Harleigh Mullins, 3rd-Emily Walker; 6 year olds and under: 1st-Grace Hatton; 2nd-River Atwood; 3rd-Lyric Madden.

Thanks to everyone for entering!