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Published 6:00 pm Thursday, August 26, 2021

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By Sue Staton

Community Columnist

It has been fifty-two years ago since I joined a homemaker’s club in Clark County, KY. Though I often had my baby daughter,Kim, on my lap when I attended that first year of homemakers I enjoyed going then and still do fifty-two years later.

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Later, my second daughter, Shanda, would become a regular at Homemakers. She and Kim have taken trips and listened and learned about Homemakers as I did.

I already knew all the ladies in the Kiddville Homemakers Club because most of them were my neighbors and two of them were kin to me. I loved the banter, comradery, love and laughter that was shared at the meetings between the ladies. Not only that, but anyone who knows me knows I love food, which was an added plus for me. I enjoyed learning the new recipes that were brought to the potluck meals that I could share with others.

I also learned very much from the free information that came from the University of Kentucky Extension Services that provided the lessons each month.

Another plus for me was the crafts we learned. As then, I never could make one of anything once I learned the craft. I did not realize how addictive crafting would become for me. It is something that relaxes me as much as anything I can do.

I moved from the country and organized a brand new club called, The Towne and Country Homemakers Club with twelve complete strangers. I soon learned how easily complete strangers became friends that I have never forgotten. I would not take anything for the friendships I have made through Homemakers. My new club has thrived through 33 years of fun and laughter.

Some of my biggest joys came from Homemakers. One was becoming a Master Farm Homemaker from Clark County when I was very young and coming in second at the regional level. Another joy was when the Towne and Country Homemakers Club won the Homemaker Club of the Year Award. Last but not least, Betty Bonar, another member of our club, won Homemaker of the Year Award.

On Thursday night this week a new year will begin to kick off at the Clark Couny Extension Office. It will showcase all the clubs in the county. The new extension year will begin in September. If you have ever wanted to join a club you may call the extension office at 859-744-4682. You can choose the club you want to join or you can visit several clubs and see where you feel like you belong. Our club of Towne and Country will welcome you at any time. The club is a friendly club so we would love for you to give us a try.

Another place that has been such a blessing to me has been the Community Bible Study group. I thought I knew a lot about the Bible until I began this Bible study. It is non-denominational that provides a thorough Bible study. If you are going to benefit from it, you do homework on scriptures one week and give your answers in a group setting to the way that you interpreted the scriptures. What you learn from others perspectives amaze you and you learn so much. This will be my fourth year doing this Bible study. I love it.

There again, I have met some of the nicest, most beautiful and precious women I have ever met. I have made many new friends who have come from adjoining counties. It is an amazing feeling to be amongst a group of ladies who just want to learn more about the Bible and the God they love. Sometimes, you have a preconceived idea of what others may believe. There is no wrong answer but we do learn exactly what the Bible states and you become stronger and a better person in my belief. Things you wondered about became understandable to you.

I am also enjoying going to my Republican Women’s Club. I felt so strongly to join this club,if for no other reason than the abortion issue. I cannot accept the fact that other political parties find it okay for a person to abort a child. I could never have my name affiliated with a group who allows this to happen. If we do not speak up for the unborn child who has no voice, who will? Needless to say, there are other Biblical truths that I stand for, that other parties do not.

Another group you may enjoy being a part of is a mission group whom you could get involved with in your churches. It is another way to connect with others and receive a blessing at the same time.

There are countless other ways you can become involved within the community. I have just mentioned the ones I am involved in. New Beginnings is often looking for volunteers. CC’s closet needs volunteers to help sort donations that have been brought in on Mondays. I would suggest calling these places. The hospital could use volunteers in the gift shop to name just a few. All of the above groups I have mentioned do so many nice things for others. It gives one a good feeling to know you may do a small part in helping others through these memberships.

I would say this, however, do not join anything you do not plan to do your part as a member. Usually just showing up is all you need to do. Most dues are very reasonable and affordable.

I am hoping to see you soon so come join me. I think you will be happier for it.