Robert D. Campbell Junior High football roundup

Published 6:00 pm Thursday, August 26, 2021

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7th  grade game
Robert D. Campbell Jr. High 30  
Madison Middle School 6

August 14 at George Rogers Clark’s Cardinal Stadium started off hot for the Robert D. Campbell Jr. High (RDC) Cardinal 7th grade football team with Peyton Hammonds getting a sack just four minutes into the game and forcing a Madison Middle punt.  

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A few plates later, Trey Davis scored on a seven-yard run to make it 6-0 RDC. 

After a quick defensive stop, Davis hooked up with Deshaun Gay on a 33-yard touchdown pass. Davis converted the two-point conversion, making the score 14 – 0.  

The energy continued with the offense as Davis ran for a 35-yard run touchdown and  also added the two-point conversion with 5:16 left in the second quarter, making the score 22-0.  

The RDC scoring concluded in the fourth quarter with a 31-yard touchdown run by Gunner Martin, plus the added two-point conversion with the pass from Hadon Cecil to Hammonds  to make the final score 30-6.  

The offensive line anchored by Graham Kleykamp, Scotty Mitchell, Matthew Pelphrey, Tripp Cecil and Colter Hearn allowed the RDC offensive to do whatever it wanted for most of the day.

The defense was stingy and opportunistic throughout with help coming from a host of Cardinals, including Aiden Pemberton, Matthew Pelphrey, Garrison Riddell, Tripp Cecil, Carter Muzic, Abe Dean, Gunner Martin, Hadon Cecil, Houston Heath, Deshaun Gay and Eli Biddle.  Muzic, Gay and Martin all had interceptions.

When interviewed after the game and asked about the touchdowns and interceptions and why they happened, Gunner Martin said, “we were blocking good and knew what we were doing on offense.” 

Three team turnover necklaces were given to Muzic, Martin and Gay ,who said “we just had good defense and good coverage.” 

8th grade game
RDC 12  

Game play continued on August 15 at GRC with RDC Football 8th grade playing Madison Middle School. Both teams dressed less than 20 8th graders, so it was a battle of attrition as several 7th graders on both sides had to step in and play as well.  

RDC got the scoring started with a Brady Freeman touchdown run at 4:29 in the first quarter, making the score 6 – 0.

Madison Middle followed up with a touchdown run and the two-point conversion to make it 8-6. 

Late in the second quarter, Adryan Alfaro ran for a 30-yard Cardinal touchdown, the two-point conversion failed giving RDC a 12-8 lead at halftime.  Multiple  possessions in the second half lead to no points.

The last possession for RDC defense led to three back-to-back sacks to end the game started by  Paxton Hammonds, followed by teammate and brother Peyton Hammonds and finally Dylan Peck clinched the win with another sack.

RDC defense was led by Dylan Peck, Paxton Hammonds, Cody Gibson, Lane Middendorf, Santi Guerrant, Amauri Hollamon, Brady Freeman, Braden Ritchie and Landon Sturgill. 

When asked about the highlights at the end of Saturday’s ballgame, Peyton Hammonds and Paxton Hammons said, “it was fun being out there and playing football, it came a clutch – that last one, it was the best one!” 

Brayden Ritchie added, “It was a team effort.” 

Cards victorious at 12-8.