Winchester paving program schedule

Published 12:56 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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The following streets will be paved by the City of Winchester from Sept. 27 to Oct. 9. All streets are calculated with 1.5 inches of compacted asphalt with the exceptions of street numbers 14 and 15 which are calculated with 2 inches compacted asphalt. Gutterline and shoulder millings for all streets with exception of streets 15 and 16.

  1. Barnes Drive 970ft. x 26ft.
  2. Mutual Avenue       2134ft. x 30ft.
  3. Park Avenue 1125ft. x 22ft.
  4. Custer Court 408ft x 26ft.
  5. East Lexington Avenue from South Main Street to South Highland Street 468ft x 39ft.
  6. Kentucky Street 962ft. x 30ft.
  7. Moundale Avenue 1923ft. x 20ft.
  8. Crescent Avenue 680ft. x 30ft.
  9. West Broadway Street from Maple Street to Burns Avenue 618ft. x 30ft.
  10. Spring Street 817ft. x 20ft.
  11. Meadow Street    90ft. x 15ft. (Sectional paving)
  12. Wainscott Avenue 673 ft. x 32 ft.
  13. College Street from South Burns Avenue to Dudley Street 1635ft. x 35ft.
  14. Hart Avenue 508ft. x 30ft.
  15. Beaumont Place   619 ft. x 30 ft. (Concrete street converted to asphalt) Lakeview
  16. Dale Drive from Fulton Road to end of pavement (south end) 1000ft. x 26ft.
  17. Breeze Hill Drive 560ft. x 30ft.
  18. Ashley Drive 1699ft. x 26ft.
  19. 19. Stratford Glen Drive 701ft. x 26ft. || 270ft x 14ft.

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