What is the cost to install an electric car charger in a home garage?

Published 9:00 am Friday, October 29, 2021

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By Chanda Veno

The State Journal

With gas prices currently over $3 per gallon some folks believe the future belongs to hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles.

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In fact, Ford announced last month that it is investing $5.8 billion to build a battery manufacturing complex with SK Innovation in Glendale. The plant will assemble batteries for the next generation of electric Ford and Lincoln vehicles and is expected to start production in 2025.

So how much can electric vehicle owners expect to pay for a charging station to be installed at their residence? That depends on the type of system required.

A Level 1 charging station can be charged through a standard three-prong household outlet. A depleted battery will take between 8-12 hours to completely charge.

“Level 1 can be done with little to no additional costs since it works with a standard 120-volt outlet,” Travis McCullar, chief electrical engineer at the Frankfort Plant Board told The State Journal.

“Recharging times on Level 1 can be very long however, in which case most drivers would consider upgrading to a Level 2 charger.”

A 240-volt AC plug — the same as used for electric dryers and ovens — power Level 2 charging stations. These stations are compatible with all electric and hybrid vehicles and can fully charge a battery in 4-6 hours. However, they require professional installation and are more expensive.

According to HomeServe USA, an independent home repair service solution website, the average cost for installing an electric vehicle charging station is approximately $1,200.

Level 2 charging stations can run between $200-800 and labor costs can range anywhere from $40-120 per hour.

McCullar recommended contacting an electrical contractor for more specific pricing.

FPB offers three free electric vehicle charging stations in the city. The energy is provided at no cost to consumers by the City of Frankfort.

The charging stations are located in the Franklin County Farmers Market parking lot at River View Park, on Olive Street downtown and at Juniper Hill Park.

“FPB electric vehicle charging stations will add about 25 miles of RPH (maximum range recovered per hour of charge), making it easy for EVs to gain 100+ miles of range when parked for long periods of time,” the plant board website states.

“Parking and charging for an hour or two can add 25-50 miles of range, more than enough for every day driving needs.”