Clark County Round-up: Local history and classic television

Published 9:46 am Friday, January 7, 2022

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A round-up of all things Clark County…

Local historian Harry Enoch stopped by to chat the other day.

A published author, Enoch knows a lot about Winchester’s history and his columns have started appearing in Sun newspaper again. I applaud his breadth of knowledge and I can’t wait to start reading more of Enoch’s columns “What in the World” about the people and places that have left their mark on our community.

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Enoch is very knowledgeable about frontiersman Daniel Boone. He was instrumental in getting those highway markers in our neck of the woods for the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail. Traveling this route, one begins across the Kentucky River from Fort Boonesboro, established by Daniel Boone in 1775, and ends in Athens, near Boone’s Station which Boone settled in 1779, making this one of the most historic, as well as scenic, roads of Kentucky. Road trip!

To learn more about the Boonesboro bridge’s interesting history about about Boone’s statue, read Robert Blanton’s article on page 10. Though Boone hails from my home state of North Carolina where a town is named after him, I think it is safe to say most folks know him best for his time spent exploring and settling Kentucky.

Some folks may even remember the “Daniel Boone” television show from the 60s. I should probably YouTube that like I do other shows Hollywood has trouble broadcasting as reruns these days. Except for that Walton’s Homecoming special back in November — 40 years since the popular tv show ended, when was the last time that the Waltons appeared on television? Same with Hee Haw. If you ever get bored, Google Senator Robert Byrd and the song the “Circle Be Unbroken” — good song.

Wonder if Sen. McConnell would ever consider performing on Saturday Night Live, probably not. Who am I kiding — McConnell will never be asked to guest host SNL because the show is too critical of one side and never the other. That’s why I suspect few people watch it anymore. Same is true with network tv and major metro media outlets who’ve long given up any pretense of objectivity. Remember when the New York Times lived up to its motto, “All the news that is fit to print”… yeah, good luck with that…

Anyway, back then while it was not always great when the nation only had three or four television channels, everyone seemed to be on the same page about “must see tv” more so than now where there are hundreds of channels, but nothing on. Thank God folks can still go to YouTube for the classics.

In other news, I met Jane Greeman while registering my daughter for classes in the guidance office at George Rogers Clark High School. She is also a longtime Sun reader/subscriber. Greeman recalled former Sun publisher Betty Berryman’s dedication to the school system and the community.

Speaking of schools, the most recent grading period is about to end. As soon as we can get some Honor Rolls, we’re going to publish those lists. My daughter said a kid in one of her classes was accepted to Yale University. Nice! Kids who make good grades should be recognized as much if not more than those athletes — many of them honor roll students — who put points on the score board.

Daughter also said the JROTC program is top notch. After winning a national title last fall, JROTC team got a police escort into town. Congrats! Samantha said the Sun needs to write a story about the girls’ JROTC success too, thus I’ve drafted her to write that story as our first official Cards’ correspondent.

In other news, did you know that NFL star Rex Burkhead of the Houston Texans was born in Winchester? Yep. His grandparents still live in Clark County. Apparently, Burkhead has been on three NFL teams and played in two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. More on that story later.

Lastly, we’ve moved to town — walking distance of the newspaper and jogging distance to the College Park Fitness Center. Daughter and I have formed a beach head before the rest of the family can join us.

And never hesitate to reach out to me at the Winchester Sun at or via Facebook.