Beware of doggy in the window

Published 5:49 pm Monday, January 10, 2022

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Windows need to be aware of one Clark County dog.

Gus, a four-year-old English Pointer, was captured by a home security video camera busting out a window last Friday when a stranger paid a visit to the front porch of his owner, Britney Harper.

“We were not home on this particular day,” Harper said.

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She said she was expecting a package and was not surprised when she received an alert indicating it had been delivered.

A few minutes later, the phone call she received from the FedEx facility in Lexington was slightly out of the ordinary.

“They were calling to let me know that their driver had just delivered a parcel at my house,” Harper said.

Her first thought was that something had happened to the delivery driver.

“I was thinking that maybe the driver had fallen in our driveway,” Harper said. “That’s kind of what my thought was, maybe that he was injured, but they let me know that Gus, my dog, had broken the window but was still in the house.”

See video:

Even then, Harper said she blew the phone call off. She described Gus as “high energy” and admitted that he had broken a small pane out of a window before.

Still, she was two minutes away from home and decided to check in on him and found that her rambunctious pup had broken out the whole window this time.
“The driver thought there had been an explosion in the house,” Harper said.

And since the explosive moment was caught on video, Harper decided to share it on her personal TikTok and Facebook pages.

Over the weekend, she was contacted by and sold the video to ViralHog, an online video distributor.

The clip has over 3,000 views on Harper’s TikTok account and over 4,000 views on YouTube as of Monday and was recently featured in a web post by the famed British tabloid, the Daily Mail.

Harper told ViralHog that Gus did not sustain any injuries and that he “did a little too good protecting the porch.”

And though the kamikaze pooch causes the occasional ruckus, he is still a good boy to his family.

“He chews things up, and he makes a mess, but he is our baby, and we love him,” Harper said.