Oliver retires after lifetime spent working for Clark Regional

Published 10:00 am Saturday, January 22, 2022

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After nearly five decades of service at Clark Regional Medical Center, Janice Oliver is retiring.

“If there is any advice I can give people looking at different careers — pick something you love, pick something that can open different doors, find good people to work with,” said Oliver, who began working at the hospital when she was in high school back in 1973.

Oliver has worked in the radiology and emergency departments among other duty stations during her 49-year tenure at the hospital, which had a retirement party with a cake for her in early January.

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Oliver said her best memory is of the people who make Clark Regional a family, a home.

“All the people past and present that I have worked with,” she said. “In a hospital you have to work together. We all worked hard but we had fun times too. You have to love what you do.”

As Senior Director Radiology/Sleep Center/Cardiopulmonary at Clark Regional, Sheri L. Reynolds worked side by side with Oliver.

“Janice Oliver has been an absolute blessing for Clark Regional Medical Center over the past 49 years,” she said. “She truly demonstrates integrity through her work ethic, compassion and kindness. She has the most infectious positive attitude a person can have every single day. She smiles and laughs easily which keeps the work environment upbeat and happy. I will miss her more than I am able to express.”

Oliver recalled with pride the early days and her last ones as she reflected on her many years of service at the hospital.

“I worked in Central Sterile in high school,” she said. “I took lint off surgical towels and fan folded them and packed them for surgical packs to be used in surgery. I then was transferred to the medical circle to work as a ward clerk. I worked with the best  and most patient nurses. I had no knowledge of medical terminology.  It was a wonderful learning experience. I worked in this area and the surgical floor thru high school and breaks during college.”

Next stop for Oliver was the emergency department, then radiology to cap off her career.

“After college I was transferred to the emergency department where I worked for about 26 years,” she said. “I then transferred to Radiology where I have spent the rest of my career.”

Since Oliver has worked all across the hospital in various roles, she said the hospital has changed tremendously over the years. Over the years she has seen our hospital grow in so many ways such as the services that the hospital provides, moving from paper processes to electronic and moving from analog imaging to digital imaging in radiology. Oliver said equipment used to diagnose and treat patients such as CT’s, MRI, 3D Mammography, PET Scanners, Ultrasound, Cardiac Monitors, IV PUMPS just to name a few are life saving for patients — technology that was used quite a bit during the pandemic.

Fun fact: Oliver’s mother (Shirley Stone) also worked at Clark Regional over 45 years and then joined the volunteers.

Oliver said with certainty that Clark Regional is a good place to work.

“Yes, I have worked with the best  over the years,” she said. “When you work in the medical field things are constantly changing. The people in all the departments are ready for this. They love learning and new ideas.”

Oliver plans to stay busy in retirement, but have fun too.

“I have three grandsons, and I can’t wait to have fun with them,” she said. “I also have hobbies that I like to do. I love to read and we have started the book club back up; a wonderful way to keep in touch with all my friends.”