Rowell’s Words: Remembering Laura

Published 8:05 am Sunday, February 20, 2022

I lost the light of my life a short while ago to cancer.

She was a fighter and gave it her all for two years until it just wore her down.

If you will permit, I would like to use this week’s space for personal use by sharing a little about her.

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Laura Streuli Rowell came into my life when I needed her. We were both coming off marriages that had run their course. It took several years to realize that we were the solution and not another problem. The wait was worthwhile. I was her Romeo and she was my Juliet.

That was about forty years ago and I am thankful for that special time and wish it was in the cards for forty more. There are always two sides to a story; so in fairness of reporting (Is that an oxymoron?) I must add that she had some faults too.

For instance, she was always on my case to wipe my feet when coming in the house. She seemed confused with simple things like why I would put dirty glasses and plates in the sink when the dishwasher was 18 inches away. I don’t why she was like that?

We also had never ending discussions about finances. She would come home proudly with a $100 item that she didn’t really need but it was 40% off. She claimed she saved $40, and my argument was “No, you wasted $60”. We never did come to terms on that one.

My biggest complaint was that she was a smoker. We both were, but I quit many years ago; she didn’t. We finally came to terms that if I didn’t harass her about cigarette smoking; then, she was keep quiet about my alcoholic drinking. That worked.

Back to the asset side of the ledger, she introduced me to things and took me places this poor old country boy never dreamed of seeing or doing. She changed all that. For instance, I had never been out of the United States. I had never had season tickets to a major league baseball team; nor had I ever owned or had a use for a tuxedo. I never believe I would get to see the Masters in Augusta. She changed all that.

I never had a “zero” balance on my credit card account at the end of the month; or, seldom had money left over in the checking account after paying bills.

We met long after I had lost my mother and grandparents. Laura always wished she had had the opportunity to meet the people that I spoke of much and meant so much to me. They have now met and Laura is pain free to enjoy life eternal with them and those of her lineage.

My ears are burning knowing who the topic of conversation is. I know they are awaiting my arrival to reunite. I look forward to it. Let’s just hope it’s not anytime soon.

Thank you for listening.

God bless and have a great day.

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