Boone Avenue and Maple Street Safety: Letter to Judge Executive Henry Branham

Published 9:44 am Friday, March 25, 2022

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration established a National Network designating truck size and weight routes, as set out in Appendix A to part 658.9 of the FHWA Policy Guide, which could safely accommodate the large vehicles addressed in the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 (STAA).

Relating to these mandates the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet maintains a statewide map identifying the National Truck Network (NTN) routes. NTN routes are identified to give permission for large vehicle and big truck use in Kentucky.

In addition to the NTN there are other routes, Automatic Access routes, which may be unidentified but useable so long as the distance travelled will be less than 5 miles to a terminal or service facility. A truck stop is a service facility and all places where freight originates or terminates is a terminal for this purpose.

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When considering the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky there are only eight (8) exceptions to these automatic use routes, but there is a process set out in 603 KAR 5:250(5) which provides for additional exceptions. According to the regulation any route within the one (1) mile or five (5) mile automatic access allowance that has significant, clearly-evident safety problems, may by Transportation Cabinet official order or local ordinance which has been reviewed and approved by the Transportation Cabinet be closed to use by STAA vehicles.

Having had occasion to discuss the possibilities of reducing truck and commercial vehicle traffic on Boone Avenue and Maple Street with the County Attorney, and believing that Boone Avenue and Maple Street have clearly evident safety problems, it is our request that an item be placed on the agenda to consider approval for petitioning the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to have KY 627 from KY 1958 Bypass Road to the Veterans Memorial Parkway closed to Automatic Access and listed as an exception at 603 KAR 5:070 to end the dangerous use of Boone Avenue and Maple Street by large trucks and commercial vehicles not delivering freight within those points.


Magistrate Greg Elkins
Magistrate Daniel Konstantopoulos

Date: March 22, 2022