Habitat For Humanity Tradition: Boards From the Heart

Published 7:00 am Monday, March 28, 2022

Exciting times for the Rogers family of Winchester just got a little sweeter.

The family has a Habitat for Humanity house under construction, and on Wednesday the students and staff at Shearer Elementary School sent them a message that will be a part of their home forever–literally.

Habitat has a tradition of having individuals write messages of encouragement and congratulations on boards used to construct the home.

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The signing was the first for Habitat for Humanity of Madison and Clark Counties to happen at a local school.

Kristi Carter, the family resource coordinator at Shearer Elementary

“Habitat for Humanity contacted me a month or so ago and was telling us about the Rogers family being the proud recipients of a Habitat for Humanity home … We are so excited to be part of this event,” the school’s family resource coordinator, Kristi Carter, said.

Each class at Shearer signed a board, and then each of the Rogers children selected friends to sign the board at the event.

The Rogers family has three children that attend Shearer Elementary: Kenneth, Nikolas and Railynn.

“It’s touching to know that our school cares so much about our family that they would go and organize something like this just for us,” the children’s mother, Andrea, said about the event.

The school holds a special place in the heart of the family.
“I wouldn’t move until I got close enough to stay in district,” Rogers said.

The feeling is mutual from the school staff.

“They are very supportive. Andrea has reached out many times to the family resource center asking what we need and how she can help,” Carter said. “She has donated clothing to our center and is always one of the parents that is very involved in her children’s education and the well-being of all students here at Shearer.”

Ask the Rogers children what they are looking forward to about their new house, and the answer is universal.

“I get my own room!” all three answered at once. When the house is finished, it will be the first time that each of them will have a room to themselves.

Railynn, the oldest, wants to put makeup in her new room. Nikolas, the youngest, wants to put “all kinds of tools” in his room.
The brothers are avid basketball fans and cannot wait to have a hoop at home.