Poet’s Corner: SPRING

Published 10:14 am Friday, April 1, 2022

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April Is National Poetry Month.

Are you ready to try your hand at writing a poem?

To quote a great marketing slogan, “Just do it.”

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Send a poem you have written—and that has not been previously published—to miles.layton@winchestersun.com by April 8 and the Sun will select a few for publication in a future column.


My eyes pierce the frosted window pane, that shields me from the wintry, frigid rain.

A piece of glass – a barrier and divide, that protects me from, the cold countryside.

My eyes attach to a naked sleeping tree, The snow filled forks – just waiting to be free.
it’s beauty lies beneath – I know it’s there; as I gaze through the window – in despair.
The land has no life – or so it seems; no visual color – just cold white sheen; Where is spring – my being cries out; I know its near – there is no doubt.

Birds appear, now and again; Isn’t April lurking, just around the bend?

Winter’s been long – but spring is just ahead, as I impatiently wait the sight, of a colorful flower bed. The Artist Palette is filled – with red, green and yellow,

His brush is ready – to cover glen and meadow. God in His Glory – has the seasons all planned, I eagerly await His Spring – it’s ever so grand.


I saw the early morning light – creep up beyond the bend, a veil of fog draped the sky with a pink and lavender blend.

The Master Artist was at work with His mighty brush,
stroking the morning sky – midst the morning hush. A quiet, crisp day – birds flitting from limb to ground;

Butterfly wings stretched wide – flutter all around.

The beauty of His artistry – revealed for our seeing eye; put away the world for awhile and look to the early morning sky.

A ball of gold will soon appear, just over that earthly bend, the human eye must look away from the luminance it sends.

So it is with our Loving God – in His magnificent form; We cannot look upon His face, just like the sun that warms. He is the Master Artist – the Creator of everything, Strength and energy comes from both,
let us sing praises to our King.

Editor’s Note: Poems comes from a Mary Jo Hillen’s creative hand.