Clark County Public Record

Published 2:02 pm Friday, April 8, 2022

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office March 19-26, 2022.
• James Darrell Combs to Travis R. Cline, 147 Spruce Court, $160,000.
• Cartwright Rentals LLC to City of Winchester, 14 E. Broadway St., $225,000.
• Edward A. Duda and Jane A. Duda to John A. Allen and Janis K. Allen, 6276 Bybee Road, $407,100.
• Dan Rudd to Leo Francis Donahue Jr. and Rachel Hasse Donahue, 111 Colby Hills Drive, $650,000.
• Cobb Resource Group LLC to Laurann Kaye Smith, 705 W. Lexington Ave., $235,000.
• Ronnie D. Taylor and Kimberly K. Taylor to Robert Anthony Ginter, 407 Marquis Court, $250,000.
• John H. Barksdale to Derrick J. Barksdale, 1620 Clintonville Road, love and affection.
• Ima J. Bach to Ima Jane Bach Family Irrevocable Trust and Timothy G. Bach trustee, 28 Hillcrest Drive, $106,300.
• 4 Woods LLC to John Brown and Jennifer Brown, 201 Amster Grove Court, $23,600.
• David Warren Altom, Sandra F. Altom, Daniel Wayne Altom, Tracysue Altom and Margaret F. Altom to Margaret F. Altom, 2581 Mt. Sterling Road, $300,000.
• Roy L. Freeman Sr. and Brenda J. Freeman to Cooper Brothers Properties LLC, 153 and 155 Strode Station Circle, $140,000.
• Rachel Elaine Randle to Lomen Investments LLC, 205 Amster Grove Court, $70,000.
• D & G Holdings LLC to David Philip Dreusicke and Gina H. Dreusicke, 401 Cricket Lane, quitclaim.
• Winchester Clark County Industrial Development Authority to Kraft Rental LLC, 1070 Rolling Hills Lane, $85,000.
• Arlene Arjona De Holst to Tyler Mullinax and Julia Mullinax, 515 College St., $180,000.
• Dueville Ray Watson and Joyce Carol Watson to Anthony M. Clark and Kathy S. Clark, 4585 Ironworks Road.
• Joseph S. Chapman to Rhonda D. Conner and Jerry Conner, 4771 Colby Road, $365,000.
• Judith B. Stanfield and Gary Stanfield to Stephen A. Capra and Joy R. Capra, 112 Milwood Drive, $275,000.
• Samuel H. Shearer and Rebekah J. Shearer to Samantha Watkins and Jaylen Watkins, 331 Vanover Way, $187,000.
• Norman E. Arflack US Marshal, Kim M. Woods, Unknown spouse of Kim M. Woods, Kim M. Smith, Capital One Bank, Commonwealth of Kentucky and Division of Unemployment Insurance to Bickers & Smith Inc., 180 Ryans Mill Road, US Marshal deed.
• Thomas W. Woods Jr. and Teresa Woods to Thomas W. Woods Jr. and Teresa L. Woods, 4270 Irvine Road, quitclaim.
• Steven J. Shearer and Emily D. Shearer to Gary D. Stine and Tiffany Stine, 252 S. Highland St., $179,900.
• Marvin Scott, Frederick Hill, Angela Lotharp and Marc A. Lotharp to VC LLC, 308 and 310 W. Washington St., $18,250.
• Noel Christopher Swan to Lynn Mumblo, 383 Killarney Drive, $76,500.
• Emil A. Collins and Louetta Collins to Emil & Louetta Collins Irrevocable Living Trust, 112 Hibiscus Lane, trust.
• Latasha Friend, Latasha L. Friend, Tammy S. Layne and Earl A. Layne to Chace Keaton Layne and Tammy S. Layne, 244 Bay Hill Court.
• Patton Robyn Steward to Carl Steward, 126 Spruce Court, decree of dissolution.
• Sarah Caton and Alan M. Walters to Kristen Lauren Griffie, 6 Meadowbrook Drive, $273,00.
• Clarence Risner and Marilyn Rose Risner to Clarissa Renee Risner, 118 Sturbridge Lane, quitclaim.
• Martha F. Crim estate, Martha Francis Crim and William Keith Crim to Zachary A. Crim, 25 Mackay Ave., $100,000.
• Leveridge Real Estate Company LLC to NB Properties LLC, 480 Bullion Blvd., $2,761,680.
• LER Enterprises LLC to Luther E. Rogers and Phyllis Kay Rogers, 230 Runnymeade Drive,

Marriage Licenses
The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office March 19-26, 2022.
• Classie Maranda Cooley and Julie Eulene Terrell, March 24.
• Courtney Risk Straw and Andrew James Easterling, March 24.
• Sarah Lynn Kohonen and Eric Donald Litteral, March 26.

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