Clark County Public Record

Published 2:35 pm Friday, April 22, 2022

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office April 2-9, 2022.
• Dustin R. McClure and Ashley N. McClure to John Lee Sleyzak, 3622 Stamper Drive, $210,000.
• Dorothy Pasley Epperson to KAB Enterprises LLC, 580 McClure Road, $66,500.
• Rebecca Larrigan Meadows to Rebecca Larrigan Meadows and Amanda Dawn Meadows, 221
Plantations Drive, love and affection.
• Fred Dudley Hall estate to Christopher Trainor, 1165 Clintonville Road, $265,000.
• Heritage Coast Properties LLC to 60 N. Main St LLC, 60 N. Main St., $850,000.
• Joseph W. Ginter and Jennifer Ginter to Sheila Frye and Kimberly Lawson, 113 Steve Court,
love and affection.
• Evergreen Community Supports LLC to Central Kentucky Property Management LLC, 13200
Ironworks Road.
• DGS Development LTC to Becky Warren, 228 Wells Road, $72,500.
Viola Anna Tubbs estate to Jesse S. Evans and Alison Faith Griggs, 8 Lakeview Drive,
• Larry Baker executor and Beverly Baker estate to Jacob Francis Drug III and Cheryl Ashleigh
Drug, 12773 Ironworks Road, $74,000.
• Valerie Cantrell to Mary Elizabeth Riley executor and David Cantrell Sr. estate, 208 Chaplin Ave.
• Cantrell Rental LLC to Mary Elizabeth Riley, 379 N. Maple St.
• Cantrell Rental LLC to Valerie Cantrell, 320 N. Maple St., 544 and 546 Country Club Court.
• Mary Elizabeth Riley executor and David Cantrell Sr. estate to Mary Elizabeth Riley, 517 N.
Maple St., 1596 and 1900 Flanagan Station Road and 245 N. Main St.
• Candice Brooke Davis to Derek K. Payton, 2845 Mt. Sterling Road, quitclaim.
City of Winchester, Kentucky to Habitat for Humanity of Madison & Clark Counties, 32 Lincoln
• Reed Hampton and Leola Hampton to SABA Properties LLC, 103 Bayberry Lane, $140,000.
John Martin Lockhart and Karen P. Lockart to JML Properties LLC, 412 Country Club Drive,
• Joseph L. Wheeling and Christina L. Wheeling to Dwayne J. Pettit, 228 Holiday Road,
• Robert W. Brown and Sharon G. Brown to August Graeson Craig, 134 Boone Ave., $168,000.
• Charles Crane Jr. executor and Lillian Carla Crane estate to Lucinda Belcher, 630 Miller Hunt
Road, $562,500.

Marriage Licenses
The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office April
2-9, 2022.
• Laura Janis Sears and Andrew Christopher Bentley, April 4.
• Gracen Chanda Rogers and Leslie Todd Yazell II, April 6.
• Krystal Jane Conkright and William Layne Thornsburg Jr., April 7.
• Tanya Alexandra Faberson and Jesse Layson Hurst III, April 8.
• Mackenzie Abigail Whisman and Robert Gardner Hollan, April 8.

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