Students fondly recall memories of late elementary school teacher

Published 3:18 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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Clark County lost a beloved educator last week.

Barbara Huff passed away last Wednesday, April 27, at Clark Regional Medical Center in Winchester.

Huff taught elementary school for 33 years and left quite an impression on many of her students.

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“She was my first grade teacher. We kept in touch every year after I had her even when I was college. A couple of years after I finished college, I ended up teaching with her at Central [Elementary School]. She’s very near and dear to my heart,” Tabitha Chism said. “Ms. Huff is the reason why I decided to become a teacher. She always showed kindness and welcomed me with a smile on her face. She actually welcomed everyone with a smile on her face. I never heard her speak badly about anyone. When I finished high school she gave me a book called “Expect Good
Things” and wrote a handwritten note in it. … She always believed in me.”

One student remembered the calming influence Huff brought to the classroom during one of the most tragic days in American history

“She was my second-grade teacher at Central Elementary in 2001. I remember vividly her scrambling to turn on our extremely old TV that was mounted from the ceiling so that we could watch the feeds regarding 9/11. I distinctly remember watching her face as the second plane crashed into the twin towers and the towers began to fall. She was so quick to collect herself and calm those in our class who were in disbelief by what had happened,” Taylor Tolle said. “She carried herself with so much grace and it showed in everything she did. I was proud to be her student. She watched me grow through the years into college, marriage, and loved on my babies once they came into the picture. She was the sweetest soul and I pray she rests in peace with her beautiful momma.”

Another student recalled the first time they met Huff.

“I was a small child visiting her grandmother, the first time I met Ms. Huff. She was on a church bus going around to neighborhoods inviting any child she saw to church. I was one of those children. She opened my little eyes and heart to God. That’s when I started going to church,” said Michelle Hardy. “Then came my first year at Central Elementary. Ms. Huff was my first grade teacher. I was so excited. She was and inspiration to many children. I don’t believe she ever forgot a face. If you saw her out in public she took time to say hello and talk a
minute. I myself am heartbroken over the loss of such a sweet, kindhearted lady.”

Huff was laid to rest this past weekend in Clarmont Memorial Gardens.