They’re going to Disney World–to dance

Published 12:30 pm Saturday, June 11, 2022

By Matt Cizek

For some children  dancing in the magical kingdom that is Disney World is the stuff of dreams and for a group of dancers from Winchester that fantasy is about to become a reality.

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From June 20-24, forty-five performers from Dancer’s Pointe Dance School, located off of Redwing Dr., will take part in a parade and stage show when they head out to Orlando for the experience of a lifetime.

“They have put in quite a bit of work,” said Danielle Bridgewater, the owner of Dancer’s Pointe. “We have taken five weeks to prepare for the trip, and my dancers have been very focused, dedicated, and hardworking.”

Ranging in rank from intermediate to advanced, the group will represent one of many dance studios performing from around the country.

The girls will be set to participate in an array of dances.

While taking part in the parade at the Magic Kingdom, a character-style dance will be emphasized.

During a 20-minute on-stage performance at Epcot , a blend of ballet and contemporary genres choreographed in the Winchester studio is to be showcased.

Just as well, a masterclass series will let the youth continue developing their already well-honed skills.

“They bring in a guest industry leader to teach a dance class and they’ll take this with other dancers [from] across the country,” Bridgewater said. “It’s a great learning experience and growing experience for them.”

While the studio took part in performances at Disney World several years ago, this year’s expedition is the continuation to further develop young talent.

It’s a goal that can be met in multiple ways.

“At Dancer’s Pointe, we’re always looking for new opportunities for our students,” Bridgewater said. “I think when you go through a process that has a great reward at the end, it really grows you not just as a dancer and a performer, but as a human.”