What’s happening at the Clark County Public Library

Published 6:00 pm Saturday, July 23, 2022

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By John Maruskin

On Monday, July 25, at 11 AM the  Pageturner’s Book Group meets in the Codell Brooks Community Room to discuss “The Best of Friends,” by Lucinda Berry.

Best friends Lindsey, Kendra, and Dani experience every parent’s nightmare when a tragic accident befalls their teenage boys, leaving one dead, another in a coma, and a third too traumatized to speak. Reeling with horror and grief, the three mothers undertake a desperate investigation of the accident. How could something so horrible happen in their wealthy Southern California suburb?

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Their investigations lead to disturbing questions: Do they really know their children? Do they know each other? As secrets surface, a fog of doubt and suspicion threatens to poison their families, their friendships, and the whole community. Illusions of happiness and safety gone, Lindsey, Kendra, and Dani confront heartbreak, jealousy, and the dangers of living double lives. Copies of “The Best of Friends” are available at the circulation desk. You will be registered to attend when you check out a copy.

The Library’s discussion group, Meeting of Minds, meets Tuesday, July 26, 6 PM, on the Library’s front lawn (unless it rains, and then we meet on Zoom). Please bring your own lawn
chair or blanket for a lawn session. Conversations at Meeting of Minds range. We do not start with a set topic. A topic arises from initial friendly kibitzing and proceeds, friends and neighbors
examining events and issues of the day. Conversations are insightful, honest, friendly. We don’t argue. All opinions, perspectives, parties and persuasions are welcome. That’s how we learn to
understand each other.  For more information contact Adult Services Librarian, John Maruskin, 859-744-5661, ext. 110; john.clarkbooks@gmail.com.

Ever fold a crab? No! They pinch! However, for the rest of July, you can fold a crab pinch free by going to the Library’s reference area and following origami sensei, Brad Allard’s, directions for folding a crab using colorful origami paper (provided). Stop by the origami fixture just to the right of the reference desk. After you get the hang of the procedure, take a few more pieces of origami paper to the reference reading area and enjoy
folding while looking at Rose Swope’s wonderful watercolor paintings.

The July “Would You Rather” pop-up survey from Reference Librarian, Jennifer Matter, is: “Would You Rather be a Wizard or a Superhero?” or “Would you Rather be able to Stop Time or Go Back in Time?” At the moment, Wizards are winning and stopping time is preferred over going back in time. Come in and vote. Wizard or Superhero, explore the past, present, and future at the Clark County public Library.