Female writers with spiritual, mission-filled focus meet in Winchester

Published 10:18 am Monday, August 15, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article previously state that Rhonda Gould is a nurse. Gould works at the The Ridge but that is not her position.

Fulfilling as it is to write servant-centered literature, it might be easy to feel isolated in many towns.

However, in Winchester, a community of like-minded individuals is found.

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Seven female authors, each focusing on Christian-based or self-help literature, meet for discussions and storytelling.

Rhonda Gould, the author of “The Journey: Finding Healing through Scripture from Life’s Hard Questions,” helps to lead the group.

“Most of us are working full-time and doing this on the side,” said Gould. “I’m sure we all have a different calling into that. Mine is through past hurts and pain, and just how processing it got me through it and where I am now. It was scripture doing that.”

Along with Gould, the five additional authors and one content writer meeting are Ronda Simmons, Joy L. Matthews, Sherry Hudson, Nicole Webb, Caron Massey, and Vache’ King.

Their journeys vary, as some like Ronda Simmons – who has a background in journalism and communication – knew they had a knack for writing from a young age.

Others, such as Caron Massey, took a different route.

“Writing was never something I thought I’d be doing as I was never a great student in School [sic],” said Massey. “As a dyslexic, I struggled with self-esteem and confidence to just read. It wasn’t until I developed a prayer relationship with Jesus that I began to enjoy reading.”

As their journeys to becoming writers vary, so does their content.

While Nicole Webb, author of “Not Against My Son,” focuses her writing on her journey with her child, Joy L. Matthews concerns her tales based on experiences from a life in mission work.

“Our second book addresses the horrors of human trafficking by giving men help and hope to overcome pornography and sexual addictions. The second book addresses the demand side of human trafficking”, said Matthews.”The book began after a painful trip to Thailand and Cambodia, focusing on human trafficking in the region.”

Though the content may differ, the group shares several common aspects.

Each is interested in discussion of potential upcoming book ideas, as well as ways to offer support to communities that are suffering.

One possibility has been to reach out to The Ridge Behavioral Health System to provide support, mainly through devotionals, spiritual leadership content, and more.

Another thought has been to promote through a book study at the Winchester Public Library, though this will likely occur after school starts.

Regardless of the plan of action, it’s clear that the goals for meeting and writing continue.

“God placed the gift of telling a story in a way that was captivating to whomever I was speaking to,” said King. “When I understood it to be a gift, I have taken extra measures to cultivate the gift by writing out the story on paper.”

Other women authors or content writers who live in Winchester can contact Rhonda Gould at seekproverbs31@gmail.com if they are interested in joining the group.