Hey, I’m your new reporter!

Published 10:12 am Monday, November 14, 2022

Hey! My name is Gillian Stawiszynski, and I’m a new reporter with the Sun, but I’ll primarily be helping out at The Jessamine Journal

I am originally from Orlando, Florida, and I moved to Kentucky in 2017 to attend the University of Kentucky. I consider myself a Kentuckian and Floridian. It’s crazy, I know. I believe that someone can have multiple home places.

Other than loving my role of service as a journalist, I also love writing poetry. I promise you won’t have to put up with too many of my metaphors! I enjoy reading, hiking Kentucky’s beautiful landscape, and exploring with my partner.

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I am no witch, but I spend a lot of my time at home playing and cuddling with my black cat, Simone. She doesn’t bring me any bad luck unless I don’t provide enough empty boxes in her lair.

My previous job was as a reporter for CivicLex, a civic education organization in Lexington. I was basically in LFUCG’s city hall every day, and I’m ready to apply that local government knowledge here at the Sun and at the Journal while learning the ropes of the county.

I am dedicated to truth and transparency in democracy. This is why I am here, and I am so excited to join your community! Thanks for having me.