Broadway Street benefactors

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, November 19, 2022

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Driving past the Family Dollar on Broadway Street, it might be easy to forget about the day-to-day ongoings at the store.

However, much is being done behind the scenes to support the local community.

Donations continue being made to several local organizations as the store looks to affect the community positively.

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“I love my community. I’ve been here for six years now”, said Georgia Gutierrez, the store manager. “I have really got to know a lot of the community by working here with the public.”

For Gutierrez, who transferred to the store in Winchester from Lexington, the drive to help others started amid one of the lowest points in recent memory.

When COVID occurred, knowing that many individuals, businesses, and more would face challenges, she and her staff came together.

“I just kind of talked to my boss and [said], ‘Hey…we’ve got first responders out here. They’re still working through this just like we are, and why don’t we just show some appreciation to them?’”, Gutierrez said. “That’s how it came about, but I just continue doing it.”

As such, the store donates to all three stations of the Winchester Fire Department, the Winchester Police Department, Clark County Detention Center, Robert D. Campbell Junior High School, George Rogers Clark High School, and more. 

In most cases, approximately forty bottles of hand soap and hand sanitizer get donated to each.

However, as is true with GRC, that number is sometimes extended based on personnel.

Donations can be different based on certain occasions.

For example, on Valentine’s Day, one of the local nursing homes received balloons and stuffed animals.

“They just really appreciate it, and thanked us because they said we’re the only one in our community [that] has been really thinking about them and donating to them.”

While most donations are free will, the act has caught on with some shoppers.

“Customers will purchase and donate because they know that we do it, and they’ll ask us what [we’re] donating this month.”

Recipients have been sure to show their appreciation for the efforts of The Family Dollar, both with donations and in general.

“If I work Thanksgiving Day, I have little old ladies [that] cook Thanksgiving dinner…they’ll bring me a plate because I’m working that day”, Gutierrez said. “To me, that’s what community should be about…help each other out.”

Whether it’s the Police Department, firefighters on a 12-hour shift, or individuals at the local homeless shelter – who received toys donated by both staff and local customers – the efforts of Gutierrez and her staff have left many satisfied.

The feeling looks to continue serving them in the future.

“I want to keep doing it as long as I can,” Gutierrez said. “I just want everyone in the community to know that Family Dollar thinks about them, and we try to help them when we can.