Meet candidates of the Kentucky State Senate District 28 race

Published 12:53 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2023

From 2015 to 2023, Republican Ralph Alvarado served as a member of the Kentucky Senate representing the 28th District.

When Alvarado was recently appointed and assumed office as the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health, it left a vacancy.

Now, three prime candidates have joined the race.

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Voters head to the polls on May 16.

Robert Sainte (D)

On the Democratic Party ticket, Robert Sainte has entered the race.

As the President of Hydro-Ventures dba H2 Performance Products, Sainte has operated a company specializing in providing high-quality hydraulic systems for medical devices such as hospital burn beds, MRI tables, and more. The company has also provided bow and stern thrusters that can be utilized on large boats.

While running for office for the first time. Sainte has previously served as chairman of the private industry council arm of the Bluegrass Area Development District for eight years. He has been in leadership with Kentucky River Foothills as well.

Sainte was motivated to run largely due to the fact that he believes people need different options.

“I’m running for office because people should have a choice,” Sainte said. “When we decided that I was going to run…it appeared that the Republican candidate would be running unopposed. We just believed that was unacceptable, and that people needed a choice.”

In policy positions, Sainte utilizes several priorities.

Among them are addressing bias among the LGBTQIA community, fostering real information such as that presented at school board meetings, labeling disinformation accurately, creating outlets for youth, addressing the need to avoid censorship of books, bringing down the cost of utilities, keeping the government from being involved in marriage or a woman’s reproductive healthcare choices, and prioritizing affordable health care.

He also would like to heal the rift between parties and work across the aisle to push forward mutually beneficial programs.

“My biggest concern up front is how uncooperative the climate is in Frankfort,” Sainte said. “Everybody there is supposed to be on the same team, and that team is [to] better the lives of their constituents.”

Greg Elkins (R)

The Republican candidate for the Kentucky State Senate District 28 race is Greg Elkins.

As a businessman, Elkins is CEO of Central Kentucky Hauling, considered the largest privately held solid waste company in Kentucky.

It provides a fleet of trucks to handle commercial, industrial, construction, and residential waste removal needs.

Elkins has long been associated with building and growing businesses, moving to Winchester in 2006 to help do so.

In 2016, he became a magistrate on the Clark County Fiscal Court and stayed in that position until 2022.

He narrowly fell short in the primary election last May for Clark County Judge-Executive.

“When this seat came open, I had several phone calls that requested I put my name in the hat,” Elkins said. “After much prayerful consideration, I decided to do so.”

In policy positions, priorities include providing economic growth of District 28 both in and outside of Clark County and infrastructure development, completing work on the bypass, and ensuring that funding is available for the airport in Montgomery County.

He also wants to tackle inflation and find ways to help farmers.

“I think we need someone that can go to Frankfort and caucus with a party that has somewhat control,” Elkins said. “We need someone that can go to Frankfort and argue and fight to bring money back to this district.”

Elkins also mentioned confronting the drug epidemic.

“[By] figuring out ways to stop putting users in jail and start putting dealers in prison for longer sentences if possible make our [justice] system a deterrent to drug dealers and people that would bring fentanyl across the border and into Kentucky.”

Richard Henderson (I) 

Running as an independent, Richard Henderson has entered the race.

Henderson, of Mount Sterling, is the co-owner of C&N Block and Concrete – providing general construction, commercial and industrial construction, restoration work, and more.

Henderson has several reasons for running.

“I’m running as an independent so that government can work for the people again,” Henderson said. “The gridlock in federal [and] state government prohibits growth and stability. I will work for you.”

Previously, Henderson served as mayor of Jeffersonville, as well as a state representative for the 74th District.

As mayor, his accomplished included purchasing rescue equipment for Montgomery County Fire/EMS, modernizing road systems and sidewalks throughout the city, improving water systems and expanding park property,

While a representative of the 74th District, he served as Vice Chair of the Agriculture Committee and served on the Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Labor and Industry Committee, Local Government Committee, and Transportation Committee.

He also worked to provide solutions for school safety and served on a subcommittee dedicated to providing energy solutions.

In policy positions, Henderson is a supporter of the Second Amendment with a rating from the NRA for all eight years he served as a state representative, that business and transportation growth must be a top priority, and that the sanctity of life is most important and it begins at conception.

“I will defend the Christian churches 100% of [the] time every time,” Henderson said.