Men charged with attempted kidnapping of Winchester child will face grand jury

Published 2:10 pm Thursday, April 27, 2023

Two men charged with attempting to kidnap a child at a Winchester park will soon face a grand jury.

Arvind Arvind, 21, and Rahul Rahul, 23, appeared in court again on Wednesday in connection with an incident at Legacy Grove Park on April 3. The Sun previously reported that the pair allegedly were waiting for children on one of the park’s slides. According to police, the two forced a young boy to take photos with Arvind while Rahul captured the act. The boy’s mother successfully intervened and retrieved the boy just before the police arrived.

Each man is charged with one count of 1st degree-kidnapping and Rahul was also charged with 4th degree-assault.

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Rahul’s attorney unsuccessfully tried to get the charges against him dismissed.

The pair will remain in custody until their next hearing.