What’s happening at the Library?

Published 12:15 pm Monday, May 1, 2023

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By James Gardner

Clark County Public Library

The new director of the Clark County Public Library is actually a very familiar face to many patrons. Many might be familiar with Angela Turner if they’ve received help finding an obscure book, navigating the local history room, or discovering how to get online or work their iPads. They may have also seen her around Winchester since this is her home.

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Not only was she born in Winchester, Angela says, “I know places that my family has lived even before I was born.”

Angela has long been drawn to library work and explains, “I know it’s what everybody says, but I love books. I’ve always enjoyed the experience of coming into the library as a patron.”

She has done many jobs in her tenure at the Clark County Public Library. From being a part-time circulation clerk, to interlibrary loan work, to being a reference librarian, what drives Anglea’s work ethic is her love for the community and the people in it.

When asked what she likes most about being a librarian, she states, “Meeting new people, interacting with people,” as well as “being able to provide information that people need.”

The part of the job is something that she looks forward to doing as a director: “I can continue to make sure people have the information they need. My role is just different doing that, so now that instead of just answering a question, I make sure that we have resources. So I still get to meet people and interact with people.” Her love of the library comes through when describing what sets Clark County Public Library apart from other libraries: “We excel at customer service. We make people feel welcome, and it makes for a nice atmosphere for people to come into. We have a diverse collection. We offer a variety of programming. Our local history collection is very good and we have people on staff who are trained to help people with that, so we’re preserving history within the community.”

When asked about the added responsibility that comes with the job of director, Anglea explains that she’s been prepared long before accepting the job:

“I am the oldest of five children, so I have always had additional responsibility. It seems like just a natural thing after working here for so many years to just transition and do something different.” She seems well-prepared for the work ahead as director because her vision of the library involves the fundamentals, saying that the library will continue to be just a place for people to come, to gather, to read, to learn, to pick up some music, a book, have a meeting.” She also stresses our DVD collection, now that “Netflix is doing away with the little red envelope…all the video stores are closed down, so come to the public library.”

That sounds like an enticing invite from our new director because look what the library is offering this week:

• On May 2 at 6 p.m., Dungeon Master Mary Patterson and her crew will be playing an Adult Dungeons and Dragons game. Players can take up swords and spells to discover the mysteries of Waterdeep and survive its criminal element. For more information, contact Mary Patterson at mary.clarkbooks@gmail.com or call the library at 744-5661.

• On May 3 at 2 p.m., the Kentucky Picture Show invites you to take a trip with Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Unfortunately, Poirot’s relaxing cruise on a luxurious river steamer is cut short when a couple’s idyllic honeymoon ends tragically, and the detective must sift through a boat full of suspects to find a murderer. Popcorn and soda will be provided.