Elkins to be next State Senator from 28th District

Published 7:06 pm Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Both in Clark County and across the 28th Senatorial District, Republican Greg Elkins defeated Democratic challenger Robert Sainte and Independent Richard Henderson to fill the unexpired term of Ralph Alvarado and become a Kentucky State Senator.

Countywide, Elkins received nearly 54% of the vote, with Sainte receiving approximately 36% and Henderson accounting for the remaining votes.

With absentee votes counted first, the race looked to be hotly contested as Elkins received 69 votes against Sainte’s 64.

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However, Election Day voting and early voting helped swing the results in Elkins’ favor, as he outperformed Sainte 2,251 (56.16%) to 1,140 (28.44%) in the former category, and 538 (52.13%) to 382 (32.17%) in the latter.

Across counties of the 28th Senatorial District, there was variation.

Sainte won the portion of Fayette County represented by the district with 2,338 votes against 2,038 votes for Elkins.

While Elkins won Menifee, Bath .and Montgomery Counties, Henderson finished in second in each with 35%, 33%, and 32% of the vote.

“I’m really happy with the style and the way we ran. I would say to my supporters to hold their heads up high because we started with no hope. We had 3,001 people that believed in us,” Henderson said. “I’m comfortable and pleased with the service that I’ve given Kentucky. I love this business. I love Clark County, but I have zero political aspirations at this point. That’s a promise I made my wife. This was my summit.”

“This victory was due in large part to the support that I received from the Senate, from the Republican Parties in Fayette County, Clark County, and Montgomery County, both State Representatives David Hale and Ryan Dotson…Congressman Andy Barr, and to my wife, Kim Elkins,” Elkins said. “I would like to tell [voters] I appreciate their support. I appreciate them choosing me to represent them. I will be accessible. I will be hardworking for them. I will represent them to the best of my ability, and I look forward to the next three-and-a-half years ahead.”

As of this writing, the Winchester Sun has not received a comment from Sainte.