Preschool students end the year with Picnic in the Park

Published 9:00 am Saturday, May 20, 2023

In May, graduation ceremonies that come to mind first are often high school and college.

However, as was evident at College Park on Friday, May 12, preschool students enjoyed it just the same.

Clark County Preschool put on Picnic in the Park, an event from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. that allowed preschool students and graduates to celebrate the end of the school year with family and friends

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“Every year, we like to end our year with a grand celebration for all the success that we have completed,” said Jill Blanton, the Principal of Clark County Preschool. “We do an end-of-the-year celebration picnic in the park with our families, and we invite the community as well.”

With so many in attendance, parking covered several streets.

Once those present checked out the event, they could find both the Winchester Fire Department and Winchester Police Department having vehicles on hand, and many kids enjoyed seeing the inside.

Along with a playground, several staff-managed stations were present while music  including songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus” played in the background.

Among them were face painting, blowing bubbles, cotton candy and a bounce house.

Students could also try to move around a mini-obstacle course that among other features showcased a trampoline, balancing beam and walkway consisting of multi-colored steps.

Emily Dittrich, a first-year Assistant Teacher at Clark County Preschool, helped oversee a station where students received hairspray with multiple color options.

“You just grab hairspray [and] you ask what color they want. It gets them to interact and just [experience] part of the whole field day,” she said. “It’s a chalky substance, so it may get on clothes, but it will wash out.”

Dittrich also talked about one of her favorite memories of the school year as it comes to a close.

“We had one student who’s been nonverbal the whole year. I saw a video of the teacher, and he counted to six,” Dittrich said. “I enjoy interacting with the kids and seeing them grow and hit new developmental milestones.”

In between an area where students could receive a swag bag and treats, including bottled water, potato chips, and more, was a spot where they could put on a cap and gown and receive a graduation photo.

City Commissioner Kenny Book was seen taking such a photo with his great-grandson.

“He’s the only great-grandson that lives in Winchester,” Book said. “We’ve got to keep him here.”

While the future is being prepared, there was plenty of cause for enthusiasm on Friday.

“We’re looking forward to the 2023-24 school year, but this event is absolutely amazing every year,” Blanton added. “It’s just a wonderful celebration for Clark County and Clark County Public Schools.”