Benefit concert to take place for Winchester man injured in motorcycle accident

Published 8:00 am Saturday, June 10, 2023

Growing up in Winchester, Coleton Winburn has always stayed connected to Clark County.

Now, in the aftermath of an unfortunate accident, Clark County residents and other locals can offer support.

Presented by Legendary Kentucky Musicians, the Concert for a Cause will occur outdoors at the Big Creek Livestock Arena at 1310 Thatcher’s Mill Road in Paris beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 17.

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“It’s going to be outdoors, so people want to make sure they bring their camp chairs or whatever they want to bring”, said Becky Shepherd, Coleton’s mother. “If it rains, they’ll reimburse people…If it doesn’t rain too hard, we’ll probably just go forward with it.”

On April 19, Winburn – who grew up on Dry Fork Road – was driving his motorcycle on Bypass Road.

Unfortunately, what seemed to be routine travel soon turned tragic.

Winburn was in a collision, resulting in a brain bleed, multiple skull fractures, and more.

He was taken to the University of Kentucky’s Albert B. Chandler Hospital, where he was on a ventilator for three days and spent two weeks before being discharged and sent to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital for in-patient care.

Having suffered a traumatic brain injury, Winburn has shown strength in fighting an uphill battle.

“At the present time, he’s struggling with his speech and his vision,” Shepherd said. “Instead of saying ‘ladder’ he might say ‘letter’, or instead of saying ‘bear’ he might say ‘beer’. He knows what he wants to say. He just can not get the word out. The vision is an issue because of the brain bleed and the swelling that he still has.”

Doctors have predicted that blood could take two to six months to be fully re-absorbed into his brain.

On a more optimistic note, doctors have hopes that Winburn can recover.

However, as the father of two boys, ages four and 11, many unknowns remain.

“He has his boys that he has to support, as well as some medical things,” Shepherd said. “The problem is, at this point, we don’t know how long this medical treatment might take. They told us that his baseline personality will be back [in] a year. Once they hit that year mark, that’s about as far as they go.”

Already, fundraising efforts have taken place to assist Coleton.

Now, thanks largely to the work of relatives Kevin Slucher and Donnie Clem, the benefit concert will take place.

Performers include Rockland Road, a band comprising Grammy Award winner Paul Martin and his family.

A former country music group Exile member, Martin has also played keyboard for musicians such as fellow Grammy Award winner Marty Stuart.

Jamie Martin, Paul’s wife, is the daughter of Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Duane Allen of The Oak Ridge Boys and Grand Ole Opry singing alum Nora Lee Allen.

Performances will also come from recording artists, including the Jim Beam National Talent Search winner, Brad Alford, and former Renfro Valley Barn Show host, Jessica Begley.

Special guests include J.R. Baker, Christopher Clem, Adam Yance and 14-year-old Ian Slucher, a rising star and winner of last year’s Beer Cheese Festival talent contest.

“If you don’t have your tickets to watch Ian now, you probably, when he grows up, won’t be able to get them,” Shepherd added. “He’s probably going to be selling out…because he’s pretty good.”

At day’s end, though, perhaps the most significant benefit is that proceeds will benefit Coleton and his family.

For the community’s efforts, the family expresses their gratitude.

“I just want every single person who buys a ticket to know how much it’s appreciated,” Shepherd said. “It’s going for a good cause.”

Big Cleve’s BBQ food truck will be at the event as of this writing.

The family welcomes other food truck vendors, particularly those selling hot dogs or hamburgers.

Those interested can contact Kellen Winburn on Facebook at

Tickets are available at