Bubble without trouble

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

With the weather warming up and kids out of school for the season, opportunities abound for getting others involved in outdoor activities.

Fortunately, Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation is present to do so.

On Thursday evening at Melbourne Park, the Parks Mobile Recreation Unit’s first occurrence of the summer happened..

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Thematically, it was called Bubble Bonanza.

“This is our first pop-up [event] of National Parks and Rec. month,” said Tiffany Fletcher, Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation Assistant Programs Director. “There’s families that we see every single time, and there’s always new families. These little parks don’t get a lot of attention, so that’s why we started these pop-ups.”

Bubble Bonanza is the first of four events in July, coinciding with National Parks and Recreation Month.

On Thursday, several advantageous treats and activities were available for those who presented themselves.

For example, guests could enjoy free pizza and various flavored popsicles.

Yet that wasn’t all.

Adam Davis, the owner of Lex Bounce – a family-owned and operated party rental business specializing in inflatables – was present.

Davis was able to decorate kids with tattoos that could easily wash away, featuring many different designs.

Melbourne Park is a special location for Davis, who grew up in a house nearby.

“It’s been great It’s been busy,” he said. “We sat down and got started at 5 p.m., and I have not stopped. Some kids are getting one. Some kids are getting twenty.”

Dolphins, wolves, tigers, spiders and more were among the many tattoo designs.

In addition to the playground and swing set, several games and other activities kept youth and adults preoccupied.

These included a large Connect Four board, badminton, playing catch with a tennis ball and velcro glove, and more.

A basketball court also featured several players.

One resident, Crystal Vires, attended along with her daughter Leilani.

“We try to come to all the pop-up events,” Vires said. “We were really intrigued when we [saw] that they had the tattoos because it’s one of the things she can get involved with.”

While tattoos and activities were cause for excitement, the day’s highlight was bubbles.

The staff combined dish laundry detergent, liquid glycerin and warm water to produce the foamy material.

By mixing it, the bubbles become more durable and easier to leave the water.

Thus, producing and blowing bubbles is a reliable asset whether an individual uses a tube or net.

With three more events this month, parks and recreation are excited to show off all it has and will soon offer – including a new bench swing, bike rack, and disc golf course in certain locations.

“We’re just doing our part to spread the awareness of that and have that accessible to everybody too,” Fletcher added.

The next scheduled Parks Mobile Recreation Unit will be the Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Summer Festival on July 15 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at College Park on Wheeler Avenue.