Popular Winchester taco truck opens permanent location

Published 2:26 pm Thursday, July 13, 2023

For over two years, residents of Winchester have had an opportunity to stop their vehicles at the BP gas station on Fulton Road, or at numerous local events, and choose a meal from the Tacos Luna y Mas food truck.

Now, they can sit down and dine indoors over the same menu.

Last Friday, Tacos Luna y Mas was welcomed in a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce while also celebrating the grand opening of its new location at 301 W. Lexington Avenue, the original location of Abettor Brewery.

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“After two years, finally, we opened a location,” said Francisco Luna, owner of Tacos Luna y Mas. “[I’m] excited, so excited. I have no words to explain.”

For Luna, an interest in the restaurant business isn’t new.

As a long-time employee within the industry, starting at the popular Lexington eatery, Malone’s when he was 17, owning a restaurant has been an aspiration for Luna.

Last week marked the culmination of years of effort.

“This is my dream,” he added.

Tacos Luna y Mas has long showcased an expansive menu offering Mexican food favorites like tacos, quesadillas, tortas, burritos and a burrito bowl.

With each dish, individuals can choose meat with protein for the side.

Options include steak, chicken, marinated pork, ground beef, shredded beef, chorizo, lengua and campechanos.

Lengua is a common dish in Latin American cuisine, while campechanos typically combine several types of meat, such as pork, steak or beef.

Also offering limes, chorizo cheese dip, and both green and red salsa, Tacos Luna y Mas has thus far garnered a strong following.

“We want to keep the same menu as [the] food truck, [but] we don’t want to be a traditional Mexican restaurant,” Luna said.

So while the brick-and-mortar restaurant will continue to offer the same foods as the truck, potential customers can benefit from an even greater variety of choices.

Foods such as burgers, chicken wings, chicken fingers, fries, and more will be available.

Thus, those with diverse food interests can be catered to.

Several drinks can also be ordered, including fruit punch and many other juice items.

“It’s [going to] be mixed with a little bit of everything,” Luna said.

Luna exuded a sense of happiness when asked how it felt to join the Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s something that I haven’t felt before,” Luna said.

He also expressed gratitude toward the community.

“I feel a lot of support for a small business, and I’m so proud of Winchester,” Luna said. “I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone.”