What’s happening at the library: World Hug Your Kids Day

Published 2:30 pm Monday, July 17, 2023

By James Gardner

Clark County Public Library

It might surprise people to know that I have kids. For those that know this, they hopefully aren’t surprised that I hug my kids on occasion. Though with them getting older, it means that my hugs are becoming less frequent. It is the curse of them getting older and more prone to embarrassment, and it’s also a situation that the coming of World Hug Your Kids Day has me pondering.

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First of all, I fully support a holiday that involves sharing affection. That includes Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and Hug Your Kids Day literally costs nothing. However, I also read a lot of fiction full of broken and exploded relationships that theoretically could have been repaired or strengthened by simply offering a hug. Would Victor Frankenstein and his monster have gotten along better if Victor had hugged his monster? And if the monster hugged him back without shattering Victor’s spine? I’ve seen too many relationships explode or deteriorate to ever take them for granted. I hope.

I still wonder. I try to hug my kids often. Sure, it feels good to hug and be hugged, but it also conveys a feeling I worry I’m not properly expressing. I try to tell them I love them, that I’m proud of them. There are times, though, when I wonder if it’s enough. That’s what really drew me to Hug Your Kids Day; in case I don’t hug my kids enough, there’s at least a day that serves as a reminder.

I hope parents are reading this article who have hugged their kids today or told their kids they are loved, or reminded their kids that they are amazing. The library has great ways for parents and kids to bond, whether it’s by discovering a movie or book you both enjoy, or finding a program to attend where you both learn something, like our Create Your Own Candle Holder program for parents and kids, meeting on Tuesday, July 18, at 4:00 p.m. (call the Youth Desk at 744-5661 for details).

It’s okay to show affection. You don’t even need a global holiday to do it.

Upcoming library events

• On Tuesday, July 18, at 6 p.m., the Evening Book Group is reading Bonnie McBird’s “Art in the Blood,” which features Sherlock Holmes out to redeem himself. Books are available at the library.

• Write Out There!, the library’s writing group, meets this Tuesday, July 18 at 6:00 p.m. James Gardner and Rachel Hamm welcome writers of all kinds to get some awesome writing prompts to get you started and we can also do workshops where other writers can share their work and get feedback. Bring anything you’re working on, or just bring paper, pencil, or laptop to do some writing and have some fun.

• This week’s Kentucky Picture Show, premiering July 19 at 2 p.m., follows Frances “Baby” Houseman, a sweet daddy’s girl, who goes with her family to a resort in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains. It’s 1963. Baby has grown up in privileged surroundings and underneath her family’s expectations. Unexpectedly, Baby becomes infatuated with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle, a man whose background is vastly different from her own. Popcorn and drinks will be provided

• Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 22, the library is having a Saturday Book Swap. Do you have piles of books scattered around your home? Do you hang on to books you have already read, thinking you will read them again but never do? Come join us and swap titles with other book lovers. It’s free and easy: Bring a book to take a book!

• And don’t forget our new book group Book Brunch . . . From Beyond! Our inaugural meeting is Saturday, July 29th, at 10 a.m., and we’ll be reading Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” And there’ll be donuts! Physical books are available at our front desk or download the book using Hoopla (www.hoopladigital.com). Contact the library for more details.