County fire and roads departments rescue cattle from collapsed barn

Published 6:00 am Saturday, July 29, 2023

Farms and animals are no secret to the areas in and around Clark County.

Fortunately, neither are the sacrifices of first responders and other community servants.

The Clark County Fire Department and Clark County Road and Solid Waste Department promptly responded when danger struck to ensure the safety and well-being of cows located on a farm at Gay Evans Road on Wednesday.

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According to a Facebook post from Clark County resident Clint Pace, “an unfortunate situation led [sic] to cattle being trapped under a large collapsed barn. Multiple people worked and helped every way they could, and we were able to save the majority. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

As noted by the Facebook page of the Clark County KY Fire Department, crews – after being dispatched following the report of a structural collapse – worked diligently to rescue eight cows, who likely would have faced death otherwise.

The Clark County Road and Solid Waste Departments also made a Facebook post.

“This was an emergency situation, and we hate to see anyone in the community suffer,” the post states. “We were fortunate to have the equipment to lend a hand to the cowboys and the Clark County Fire Department.”

Pace noted that there was much to be grateful for because of the quick actions of all involved.

“[I] [c]an’t thank them enough and we should be proud to have such great [d]epartments and wonderful crews in Clark County,” he said in his post.