GRC celebrates homecoming

Published 2:00 pm Monday, September 18, 2023

Each year, when homecoming rolls around, it’s an exciting time for George Rogers Clark High School students and faculty.

However, it also entertains individuals outside of Clark County Public Schools.

A parade on Thursday evening celebrated athletic teams, extracurricular groups, and more.

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Similarly, the 2023 GRC Homecoming King and Queen and other members of the homecoming court were recognized at Friday night’s football game at Cardinal Stadium.

“I’m thrilled. [It’s] an excellent turnout for our kids,” said first-year George Rogers Clark High School Principal Luke Toy.

Earlier on Thursday, a pep rally – also featuring the school’s mascot, band, and more – took place in the gym of George Rogers Clark High School.

“Everything went excellent. We didn’t have issues with anything,” Toy added. “[The kids] are starting to get a feel for what GRC is [going to] be. They’ve really settled in.”

Later, beginning at approximately 6:00 p.m., the annual Homecoming Parade took place along Main Street in Winchester.

Both faculty and students were guided – often while sitting on the backs of vehicles – as the parade began down at Depot Street and extended well past Lexington Avenue.

The school’s numerous athletic teams – including baseball, bass fishing, boys and girls basketball, cheerleading, cross country, dance, football, girls golf, softball, swimming and diving, and more – were well represented.

Some, such as cross country, got quite creative – bringing along a live chicken they consider their mascot.

Yet, while athletics might have been the highlight for some, they were not alone.

The staff and students making up Smoke Signals Student Media – the student news site at GRC – were a part of the parade, as was cafeteria staff referring to themselves as “Nacho Average Lunch Ladies.”

The staff of Conkwright Elementary School also was showcased.

Christi Jones, an administrative assistant at George Rogers Clark High School, largely coordinated the event.

“This is my second year doing it. I learned a lot from last year. This year, it was bigger and better”, she said, adding that participants included members of 37 different groups. “It’s important to get everyone involved. If everybody’s on the same page, then we can all work together and have the best team ever for Clark County.”

Twenty-four hours after the parade, at halftime of GRC’s football matchup against Ballard, it was time to recognize the Homecoming Court and name the official 2023 Homecoming King and Queen.

Wyatt Jackson and Jailah Taylor represented the freshmen class, Amber Goulet and Steven Yang represented the sophomore class, and Aziyan Mundy-Lloyd and TK Chenault represented the junior class.

“I’m just kind of proud that my class chose me to represent them in homecoming and the football team because I do a lot of stuff with the school,” said Jackson.

“Thank you for voting,” added Taylor.

The senior class featured four pairs of well-deserving nominees: Ty Miller and Isabella Chirico, Joey Hill and Makili Tabor, Reshaun Hampton and Megan Lawson, and Logan Winebrenner and Brianna Lewis.

Ultimately, Chirico and Miller were named the 2023 Homecoming King and Queen, presented by last year’s winners Kareem Guerrant and Marisol Lopez.

“I’m excited,” Miller said. “A bunch of people were talking about the [homecoming court] around the school.”

Chirico, who came to GRC from Paintsville as a sophomore when her father – head football coach Joe Chirico – took over the team’s reins, also spoke.

“I was very excited because when I first moved here, I knew nobody, and then [I wondered], ‘How did I become one of the top four of the senior class?” Chirico said. “Both of my sisters were [homecoming queen], and it just feels so good to follow in their footsteps.”

With leadership and student commitment, the future of GRC looks bright.

“I just love this town [and] this community,” Jones added. “Go Cards!”