Clark County Public Record Reports

Published 2:30 pm Friday, September 29, 2023


The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 9-16, 2023.

• James W. Clay and Minnielynn M. Clay to Minnielynn M. Clay, 12 Edgewood Drive, love & affection.

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• Henry L. Newell III and Margaret E. Cook Newell to Alicia Clare Lewis, 226 Moundale Ave., love & affection.

• Ronnie L. Osborne and Beverly A. Osborne to Vickie S. Curtis and Joshua K. King, 23 Sylvania Ave., $40,000.

• Ann L. Detjen, Kimberly Singelton Detjen and Kim Detjen to Blue Willow Property Group LLC, 113 S. Burns Ave., $205,000.

• Sandra J. Hayes to Julia Steele, 116 Shala Mar Rue, $330,000.

• Kentucky Sell Now LLC to Daniel Cracraft, Brandy Cracraft and Brandi Cracraft, 2184 Cole Road, $370,000.

• Jerry Edwards Jr. and Paula Edwards to Nicholas Chadwick Edwards, Jerry Carol Edwards III and JABO, 2410 Dry Fork Road, love & affection.

• Elizabeth Carol Willoughby co-executor, Robert Angel co-executor and Harold C. Willoughby estate to Elizabeth Carol Willoughby, 102 Jackson St., $47,000.

• Mark B. Waldkirch and Lisa M. Waldkirch to Mark & Lisa Waldkirch Protection Trust dated September, Mark B. Waldkirch trustee and Lisa M. Waldkirch trustee, 7201 Bybee Road, trust.

• Charles E. Johnson to Charlotte T. Griffett and Steven Griffett, 529 Estes Drive.

• Mid South Capital Partners LP, Deris Hill, Megan Morgan, Megan Morgan Hill, Unknown Spouse, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Clark and City of Winchester, Kentucky to Landpath LLC, 243 Buffalo Trace, master commissioner.

• Eliza Jones to Land Path LLC, 18 A St., $10,000.

• Robert L. White Jr., Robert Lee White Jr. and Donetta F. White to Robert L. White Jr. and Donetta F. White, 430 and 434 Muddy Creek Road.

• Ball Homes LLC to Cliff R. Edwards and Diana Michelle Edwards, 117 Strawberry Lane, $316,489.

• John E. Collins, Linda A. Collins and Linda A. Jones to John E. Collins 2023 Revocable Trust and Linda A. Collins 2023 Revocable Trust, 119 Fontaine Blvd., trust.

• Ball Homes LLC to Zona Marie Bowman, 115 Strawberry Lane, $279,467.

• Sarah Anderson to David Anderson, 102 Kentucky St., dissolution.

• Clayton R. Moore to Griffin Dickinson Gutkoska, 505 Bob-O-Link Drive, $165,000.

• Haas Properties LLC to Daniel Turner and Tabatha Turner, 641 Laura Drive, $227,000.

Marriage Licenses

The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 9-16, 2023.

• Tiana Lee Abshear and Jeremy Richard Sparks Jr., Sept. 11.

• Aline Marie Vanderploeg and Myles Nichols Hurt, Sept. 12.

• Kennedy Allan Mack and Jimmy Dale Sparks II, Sept. 12.

• Mary Elizabeth Craycraft and Samuel Houston Watts, Sept. 13.

• Chasity Nichole Baker and Derek Kyle Holzapfel, Sept. 13.

• Libby Savannah Sexton and Jonathon Joseph Gary Mancini, Sept. 14.

• Rebecca Christine Trickett and Jason Cole Palmer, Sept. 14.

• Lica Mae Monobe and Christopher William Heil, Sept. 15.