West Virginia native invites Winchester into the Fae Circle

Published 12:30 pm Monday, October 9, 2023

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Haley Donner hails from the Mountain State of West Virginia and has traveled all over the continental United States, but now she hangs her hat in Winchester.

She is also the proprietor of the Fae Circle, described on its Facebook page as “an interactive shop filled with mixed media artwork, oddities and shiny treasures made.”

The name of Donner’s business is rooted in nature.

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“A fae circle, the mythos is something you might see in a mossy yard or a field. You will find a random circle of mushrooms or flowers. They are completely random with nothing else around it but this perfect circle,” said Donner.

Fae circles come with mythology attached to them.

“It is said that if you go near the circle or if you go inside the circle that you may be captured by the fae,” Donner said.

Fae are better known as fairies.

And like the creatures of myth, Donner might ensnare folks with her creations at local festivals.

She was one of several vendors in attendance at the recent Grasstober Fest. Not only did Donner sell various wares, but she also served as one of the festival’s featured acts.

“I will be spinning fire later this evening with some props like hula hoops, fans, staves and a handful of other spinners,” Donner said before her performance.

The demonstration of her art was old hat for Donner. She is a veteran performer with 14 years of experience in the fire-spinning and flow arts community.

Donner is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the younger generations.

“I teach classes and specialize in fire safety,” she said. “I love to teach kids and just see that spark of inspiration when we are performing.”

Spreading that spark of inspiration to the entire area is another of Donner’s goals.

“I want to incorporate as much as I can with the community and so as much as we can locally to teach people about what we have to offer,” Donner said.

Growing up, Donner experienced a limited choice in recreation.

“Where I grew up, there wasn’t a lot of activities that were progressive or healthy for the youth around me,” Donner explained. “So we ended up getting into things that were not the best or making the right choices.”

She wants to ensure that the youth of Clark County will have a different experience.

“I want people to realize that there is so much more to life, and there is so much more you can do that makes you feel good; that makes you feel exhilarated, and it really sparks some kind of magic,” Donner said.

To learn more about Donner and Fae Circle, visit its Facebook page.