BOE approves redistricting plan

Published 1:48 pm Friday, February 2, 2024

During its January meeting, the Clark County Public Schools Board of Education voted to accept new boundaries for each of its five voting districts.

The reapportionment process would have started sooner but was pushed back due to the 2020 Census being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The process began in April 2023 when the fiscal court appointed a three-person committee to balance the court districts’ population.

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Last August, the fiscal court voted to accept the updated boundaries, and they went into effect on the 30th.

The county then redrew its voting precincts from Sept. to Nov. based on the state board of elections’ rules and regulations.

So, how will the districts differ under the proposed plan?

District 1 currently has a vacant seat and includes the following precincts: Hampton, Forest Grove, Goodes, Pinchem and South Park.

Under the redistricting plan, the district will remain the same.

District 2 is represented by Dora Hall and includes Becknerville, Boonesboro, Stoney Brook, Calmes, and Sphar.

Under the new plan, the district would remain essentially the same, except an area created for a new Colby precinct will move to District 3.

William Bennett represents District 3, and the addition of Colby will cover the dissolution of the Winchester precinct. Bennett’s constituents will be comprised of voters from the Renick, McClure, Sunset and Mount Vernon precincts.

District 4, represented by Ben Dorsey, will keep the City Hall, Fairfax, Franklin, Garner and Mount Abbot precincts but will lose the North Winchester. It would gain the Victory precinct from District 5.

Long-time board member Ashley Ritchie’s District 5 will gain the North Winchester precinct to supplement Victory’s loss. In addition to North Winchester, the district will include the Ecton, Kiddville, Van Meter and Wades Mill precincts.

The plan would evenly distribute voters throughout the districts. Each would have over 7,000 voters.

The largest increase in voters would be in District 3, which currently has 5,270 voters and, after redistricting, would have 7,249 voters.

The most significant drop in voters would be District 2, which currently has 9,825 voters and would have 7,846 voters have redistricting